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  • Nea
  • Ganka
  • Nean
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Nea River is located in Trøndelag
Nea River
Location of the river
Nea River is located in Norway
Nea River
Nea River (Norway)
CountriesNorway, Sweden
CountiesTrøndelag, Jämtland
MunicipalitiesTydal, Selbu, Åre, Berg
Physical characteristics
 • locationÅre, Jämtland, Sweden
 • coordinates62°55′49″N 12°09′06″E / 62.93028°N 12.15167°E / 62.93028; 12.15167
 • elevation851 metres (2,792 ft)
MouthSelbusjøen at Mebonden
 • location
Tydal, Trøndelag, Norway
 • coordinates
63°13′44″N 11°01′52″E / 63.22889°N 11.03111°E / 63.22889; 11.03111Coordinates: 63°13′44″N 11°01′52″E / 63.22889°N 11.03111°E / 63.22889; 11.03111
 • elevation
157 metres (515 ft)
Length80 km (50 mi)
Basin size2,082.89 km2 (804.21 sq mi)
 • average70 m3/s (2,500 cu ft/s)
Basin features
River systemNea-Nidelvvassdraget
 • leftRotla
 • rightTya

Nea (Norwegian), Ganka (Southern Sami), or Nean (Swedish) is an 80-kilometre (50 mi) long river which has runs through the municipalities of Tydal and Selbu in Trøndelag county, Norway and Åre Municipality in Jämtland county, Sweden. The river Nea is a part of the Nea-Nidelvvassdraget watershed. Some of the main villages along the river include: Østby, Ås, Aunet, and Gressli in Tydal and Flora, Hyttbakken, Selbu, and Mebonden in Selbu.

The river is first named Nean at the eastern end of the artificial lake Sylsjön, which lies in Åre Municipality and Berg Municipality in Sweden. Below the dam, the river flows for 6 kilometres (3.7 mi), crossing the Swedish-Norwegian border where the name becomes Nea, before entering the lake Nesjøen. On the downstream side of the lake, the river continues through the smaller lake Vessingsjøen before continuing on its westward course. At the municipal center of Ås the river Tya joins it. After that, it follows the Tydalen valley and meets the river Rotla about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) east of the village of Mebonden where it ends when it flows into the lake Selbusjøen.[1]

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