Neale Junction

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Neale Junction
Western Australia
Neale Junction - Len Beadell marker.jpg
Neale Junction - Len Beadell marker
Neale Junction is located in Western Australia
Neale Junction
Neale Junction
General information
Type Road junction
Junction type Intersection
Location Great Victoria Desert, 172 km (107 mi) west of Ilkurlka
Opened 16 August 1962 (1962-08-16)
Built by Gunbarrel Road Construction Party
Roads at junction

Neale Junction is an isolated location in the Great Victoria Desert of Western Australia, where the Anne Beadell and Connie Sue Highways intersect.[1] It is 172 km (107 mi) west of Ilkurlka.[2] Neale Junction was named after Commander Frank Neale, who flew a Percival Gull through the area during the Mackay Aerial Reconnaissance Survey Expedition to Western and South Australia in 1935.[3] [4]

It has a Len Beadell marker and is indicated as suitable for camping on some maps.

Neale Junction is also a location of a large nature reserve that sits north west of the even larger Great Victoria Desert Nature Reserve.[5]

The junction visitors book was deposited in Battye Library in 2002.[6]

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