Near East Art Museum

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Near East Art Museum
Միջին Արևելքի արվեստի թանգարան
Location1 Aram Str., Yerevan, Armenia
DirectorZara Mokatsyan

Near East Art Museum is a museum of art located in Yerevan, Armenia.[1] The museum was opened in 1993 and is based on a collection donated by Marcos Grigorian, painter, collector and honorary citizen of Yerevan in the memory of his daughter, actress Sabrina Grigorian, The museum shares the building with Yerevan Museum of Literature and Culture.

The Museum houses about 2,600 exhibits containing works of Marcos Grigorian as well as Russian, European and Middle Eastern applied arts - Iranian faucets of the 12th-19th centuries, doorknockers, keys, locks, nails, Iranian-Turkmen silver ornaments of the 18th-19th centuries, 3 or 4,000-year-old bronze items, etc. The exhibits are housed in 3 hall rooms.[2][3]


  • Earth Works. Grigorian, 1988, New York.
  • The Contemporary Armenian Carpet, Near East Museum, Yerevan, 1999.


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