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Near Myths
Cover of Near Myths #3.
Publication information
Format Ongoing series
Number of issues 5

Near Myths was a comic magazine published in Edinburgh during the late 1970s that only ran for five issues. The initial editor was Rob King and it was produced by Galaxy Media. It is important because it featured the first works of Grant Morrison and Bryan Talbot (who took over as editor for the final fifth issue) as well as Graham Manley and Tony O'Donnell.


  • The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, by Bryan Talbot started its run in Near Myths.
    • "Napalm Kiss" (in Near Myths #1, September 1978)
    • "Shadows" (in Near Myths #2, October 1978)
    • "The Treaty of St Petersburg" (in Near Myths #3, December 1978)
    • "Point.Counter.Point" (in Near Myths #4)
    • "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright; Chapters 1B, 2b & 4B (in Near Myths #5, April 1980)
  • Grant Morrison (providing both art and script):
    • "Time is a Four-Lettered Word" (in Near Myths #2, October 1978)
    • "Gideon Stargrave" (in Near Myths #3-4, 1978–1979)
    • "The Checkmate Man" (in Near Myths #5, 1980)

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