Neasden Junction

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Simplified diagram of layout at Neasden Junction. LUL lines are omitted

Neasden Junction is a railway junction in Neasden, London. This is where the mainline from Marylebone diverges into two main lines: the Chiltern Main Line, which runs towards High Wycombe and Birmingham, and the London to Aylesbury Line.

A 1914 Railway Clearing House map of railways in the vicinity of Neasden Junction (right). The Great Central Main Line is shown in pink.
Neasden Junction

The Aylesbury Line used to be the main route of the Great Central Main Line, until the Chiltern Main Line was built to replace it, rejoining the old route north of Aylesbury. The Great Central ran to Rugby, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield and Manchester until it was closed due to the Beeching axe in 1966.

Just south-east of the mainline junction the freight line (Dudding Hill Line) from Acton splits into two, one line continuing onwards north-east to Cricklewood and the other joining the Chiltern Main Line westbound. There are a few sidings for freight and maintenance trains. There used to be a locomotive shed but this was knocked down during the 1960s.[1] The Metropolitan line and Jubilee line run east of the junction and Neasden tube station also lies east to the junction. The North Circular Road goes over the junction using a Victorian bridge.

Neasden Junction in 1959
Main line train passing Neasden Station in 1959


As part of Chiltern Railways' Evergreen 3 line speed improvements, the junction is to be rebuilt to allow 75mph running between the mainline and the Chiltern Main Line, while retaining 60mph running on the London to Aylesbury Line.[2] Works commenced in 2011.


Coordinates: 51°33′18″N 0°15′15″W / 51.5549°N 0.2542°W / 51.5549; -0.2542