Nebraska Army National Guard

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Nebraska Army National Guard
Nebraska National Guard seal.png
Seal of the Nebraska National Guard
Active23 December 1854 – present
Country United States
Allegiance Nebraska
Branch United States Army
Part ofNebraska Military Department
Garrison/HQLincoln, Nebraska
Civilian leadershipPresident Donald Trump
Governor Pete Ricketts
(Governor of the State of Nebraska)
State military leadershipMajor General Daryl L. Bohac

The Nebraska Army National Guard is a group of Army National Guard units in the U.S. state of Nebraska. The Adjutant General for these units is Major General Daryl L. Bohac, who was announced as the new Deputy Director of the Army National Guard in May, 2013, and assumed his new duties later in 2013.

The state's longtime 67th Infantry Brigade was reorganized in 2003 as the 67th Area Support Group. The brigade was again converted and reorganized in 2008 as the 67th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade. The brigade converted and reorganized again in 2016 as the 67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (MEB).

Adjutants General of Nebraska[edit]

(Partial list):


A Nebraska Army National Guardsman returns a thumbs up to civilians on the ground during a rescue operation following Hurricane Irma
Nebraska Army National Guardsmen in Puerto Rico assisting in hurricane recovery efforts
Members of the 623rd Engineer Company (Vertical), Nebraska Army National Guard during confined space training
Firefighters from the 181st and the 317th Engineer Detachments, Nebraska Army National Guard, spray water during an aircraft rescue and firefighting burn as they prepare for the annual PATRIOT Exercise
U.S. Army Sgt. Charles Wilkins with the 313th Medical Company (Ground Ambulance) of the Nebraska Army National Guard demonstrating his technique to administer an IV

The Nebraska Army National Guard has one land component command with subordinate elements for mission command. They and their commanders are:

Nebraska Army National Guard Joint Force (HQ at Lincoln)[2]- BG Lynn M. Heng

  • 1969th Contingency Contracting Team (1969th CCT)[2]
  • 105th Military History Detachment (105th MHD)[2]

92nd Troop Command (HQ at Lincoln)[2] - COL Gary A. Ropers

67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (67th MEB)[5] of Lincoln - COL Todd D. Stevens

209th Regiment (Regimental Training Institute) (HQ at Camp Ashland) - COL Shane Martin[5]

  • 1st Battalion (Noncommissioned Officer Academy)[5]
  • 2nd Battalion (Warrant Officer Candidate School)[5]
  • 3rd Battalion (88M Military Occupational Specialty School)[5]

Historic units[edit]

  • 67thInfBDEDUI.jpg 67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade - As the 67th Infantry Brigade, the brigade was initially formed in August 1917 in the Iowa and Nebraska Army National Guards, and was part of the 34th Division mobilized for World War I.
  • 134TH CAVALRY COA.jpeg 134th Infantry Regiment
  • 167th Cavalry Regiment DUI.jpg 167th Cavalry Regiment - The regiment was constituted on February 12, 1964 as a CARS parent regiment, consisting of Troop E-167 CAV, an element of the 67th Infantry Brigade. Reorganised 1 October 1985 to comprise 1st Squadron, an element of the 35th Infantry Division. Transferred from CARS to USARS headquarters in Lincoln on 1 June 1989.[6] The 1-167th Cavalry was re-organized into the 1st Squadron, 134th Cavalry (R&S) in 2008.
  • 168 Regiment coa.png 168th Field Artillery Regiment (formerly 3rd Battalion, 134th Infantry)
  • 195th Armor Regiment Coat of Arms.png 195th Armored Regiment - The Regiment was constituted 20 June 1946 as the 120th Eng Combat Battalion and allocated to the Nebraska ARNG as a component of the 34th Infantry Division.[7] Organized and federally recognized on 20 November 1947 with headquarters at Omaha, elements organized from new and existing companies. Reorganized and redesignated 1 February 1953 as the 120th Engineer Battalion. Location of headquarters changed 1 May 1959 to Kearny. Relieved 1 April 1963 from assigned to the 34th Infantry Division. Converted, reorganized, and redesignated 1 May 1968 as the 195th Armor, a parent regiment under CARS, consisting of the 1st Battalion. 1 November 1978 assigned to the 67th Infantry Brigade. Reallocated to the 35th Infantry Division on 1 October 1985. 1 June 1989 reallocated from CARS to United States Army Regimental System. reports that "[t]he 195th Armor Battalion (sic) of the Nebraska National Guard, a subordinate unit of the 67th Infantry Brigade, deactivated on Sunday September 2, 2001. Its elements were redesignated as the 734th Transportation Battalion (Motor Support)." [8]

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