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Nebraska Avenue Complex from above in 2016
Nebraska Avenue Complex from the street in 2017

Nebraska Avenue Complex (also called NAC), located at 3801 Nebraska Avenue NW in, Washington D.C.[1] It was the former headquarters of the Mount Vernon Seminary and the Navy Communication Security Section and other U.S. military organizations. Currently it houses the United States Department of Homeland Security. The site is located at Ward Circle and is bound by Nebraska and Massachusetts Avenue.


Facility for Department of the Navy and National Security Agency[edit]

Between 1917 and 1942, the complex housed Mount Vernon Seminary. By the end of 1942, the United States Department of the Navy took over the buildings, and formally acquired the land for $1.1 million US dollars on July 20, 1943. After they acquired the land, the area was renamed to the Communications Supplementary Annex.

Between February 1943 and July 1946, the Annex housed the Communication Security Section, which was relocated from the Main Navy Department building in Washington, D.C. It changed to Navy Communications Station (also known as NAVCOMMSTA Washington (NCSW)) in July 7, 1948, and redesignated as the Naval Security Station (NAVSECSTA) in September 21, 1950. Between June 1943 and December 1949, the Annex also housed Naval Code and Signals Laboratory.[2]

In September 1950, the Communications Security Group and the Communications Supplementary Activity Washington, merged to officially form the establishment of the Naval Security Group, headquartered at NAVSECSTA. From 1951 onwards, the Station housed Armed Forces Security Agency units[3] and after creation of the National Security Agency in 1952, the Station housed NSA headquarters and Security Branch, Naval Communications Division.[4]

In 1956, NSA Security Branch, Naval Communications Division was redesigned into Naval Security Group Headquarters Activity. By 1961 it changed to Naval Security Group Headquarters, Washington D.C. and in 1968 to Naval Security Group Command, Washington D.C. Since 1971 it was redesigned as Naval Security Group Command Headquarters.[5]

The Communication Security Group (COMNAVSECGRU) headquarters staff officially moved from NAVSECSTA to Fort George G. Meade in November 1995.

Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command was present in the area between December 1990 and August 2001.

George W. Bush visiting Nebraska Avenue Complex on 19 September 2002.

In October 16, 1998 Naval Security Station officially disestablished and became Nebraska Avenue Complex.[6] From 1998 to 2005 Complex has been home to Naval Center for Cost Analysis, Naval District Washington Public Safety, Director of Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Civilian Personnel Management and the Navy International Programs Office.[7][8]

Department of Homeland Security headquarters[edit]

In 2002, the complex housed the Office of Homeland Security. After it was reformed into the United States Department of Homeland Security, the Nebraska Avenue Complex became the main headquarters for this department. Since 2005, the Nebraska Avenue Complex is owned by the General Services Administration.[9]


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Coordinates: 38°56′20″N 77°4′59″W / 38.93889°N 77.08306°W / 38.93889; -77.08306