Nebraska Correctional Center for Women

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Nebraska Correctional Center for Women
Nebraska Correctional Center for Women.jpg
Location1107 Recharge Road
York, Nebraska
Security classMixed
Managed byNebraska Department of Correctional Services

The Nebraska Correctional Center for Women (NCCW) is a state correctional facility for the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. Located just west of York, Nebraska, it is the only secure state facility to house adult women.

NCCW, began operation in May, 1920, through an act of the Nebraska State Legislature establishing the "State Reformatory for Women." The original facility consisted of a 2-story house that was used as an inmate and staff residence. The facility was a working dairy farm. The inmates assisted with the livestock. The current institution consists of 17 buildings on 27 acres (110,000 m2) of land, secured by two security fences. NCCW houses all security classification levels of female inmates including those in its own Diagnostic and Evaluation Center (D&E) (All male new commitments are taken to the Nebraska Diagnostic and Evaluation Center located in Lincoln). The NCCW D&E houses all new commitments. The average stay of a new commitment in the NCCW D&E is 30 days. This allows the inmate time to adjust to the institution and to learn about the institution's programs, rules, and regulations. During the evaluation period staff develop a personalized classification plan for the inmate.

NCCW has been accredited by the American Correctional Association since 1981.

  • Security Levels: NCCW houses all classifications levels of female inmates including new commitments, court-ordered evaluators, and safe-keepers from county facilities.
  • Average Population: 281
  • Number of Staff: 116
  • Cost per Inmate per Year: $29,417.00

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