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Nebraska Highway 2 marker

Nebraska Highway 2
Nebraska Highway 2 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by NDOT
Length 422.75 mi[1] (680.35 km)
Western segment
Length 370.88 mi[1] (596.87 km)
West end SD 71 north of Crawford
US 20 in Crawford
US 385 in Alliance
US 83 in Thedford
East end I-80 southeast of Grand Island
Eastern segment
Length 51.87 mi[1] (83.48 km)
West end US 77 in Lincoln
N-50 in Syracuse
US 75 in Nebraska City
East end Iowa 2 at Missouri River in Nebraska City
Counties Western segment: Sioux, Dawes, Box Butte, Sheridan, Grant, Hooker, Thomas, Blaine, Custer, Sherman, Buffalo, Hall, Hamilton
Eastern segment: Lancaster, Otoe
Highway system
N-1 N-4

Nebraska Highway 2 is a highway in Nebraska. It is a discontinuous highway with 2 segments. The western segment begins at the South Dakota border northwest of Crawford and ends southeast of Grand Island at an intersection with Interstate 80. The eastern segment begins in Lincoln and ends at the Iowa border at Nebraska City. Previously, the two segments were connected via a route shared with U.S. Highway 34 between Grand Island and Lincoln.

Route description[edit]

Western segment[edit]

The western segment of NE 2 begins at the South Dakota border north of Crawford in a concurrency with Nebraska Highway 71. The road goes east, southeast, and then south into Crawford. In Crawford, there is a concurrency with U.S. Highway 20. Highway 2 and 71 both continue south from Crawford through Marsland, Nebraska. The two highways split west of Hemingford, Nebraska and NE 2 turns east towards Hemingford. At Hemingford, NE 2 turns southeast towards Alliance. At Berea, NE 2 meets U.S. Highway 385 and the two overlap into Alliance.[1][2]

At Alliance, NE 2 goes east into the Sand Hills. It goes through several small towns, including Hyannis, Mullen and Thedford. In Thedford, NE 2 briefly overlaps U.S. Highway 83. East of Thedford, near Halsey, is the Nebraska National Forest. At Dunning, NE 2 intersects Nebraska Highway 91 and turns southeasterly towards Broken Bow and Grand Island.[1][2]

After turning southeasterly at Dunning, NE 2 meets Nebraska Highway 92 in Merna. The two highways overlap through Broken Bow and separate when they meet U.S. Highway 183 in Ansley. NE 2 meets Nebraska Highway 10 in Hazard, Nebraska Highway 68 in Ravenna and Nebraska Highway 11 in Cairo. On the northwest edge of Grand Island, NE 2 becomes a 4 lane divided highway and then encounters U.S. Highway 281. NE 2 then follows US 281 along the western edge of Grand Island until it meets U.S. Highway 34 and then those two routes overlap through the southern edge of Grand Island. NE 2 and US 34 cross the Platte River and shortly thereafter, they separate and NE 2 turns south towards Interstate 80. At I-80, the western segment of NE 2 ends.[1][2]

Eastern segment[edit]

The eastern segment of Nebraska Highway 2 begins in the southwestern part of Lincoln at an intersection with U.S. Highway 77. In Lincoln, NE 2 follows Van Dorn St. until it meets the south–north pair of 9th St. and 10th St. It then makes a turn south and then southeast along Nebraska Highway and becomes a 4 lane divided highway, which it will become for the rest of its length. Along this part of the highway is the headquarters of the Nebraska State Patrol, Nebraska Department of Roads and Nebraska State Penitentiary. NE 2 eventually leaves Lincoln and encounters several small towns and highways. It meets Nebraska Highway 43 north of Bennet and overlaps it for 5 miles (8.0 km), until shortly before Palmyra. Near Syracuse, there is a bypass of that community and there is a freeway exit for Nebraska Highway 50. It continues east and near Nebraska City, it meets U.S. Highway 75 and the two highways are together briefly until the southern edge of Nebraska City. Also at this intersection, Business Route 2 begins and goes through Nebraska City. After they separate, NE 2 heads east and then northeast, meets the eastern end of Business Route 2 and crosses the Missouri River over the Nebraska City Bridge and enters Iowa. In Iowa, the highway continues as Iowa Highway 2.[1][3]

The eastern segment of NE 2 serves as part of a connecting route, along with U.S. Highway 77, between Interstate 29 in Iowa and Interstate 80 in Lincoln. It allows traffic coming from Kansas City, Missouri to go to Lincoln and points west of Lincoln to bypass Omaha.

The eastern segment of Nebraska Highway 2 has the commemorative name of Jerome and Betty Warner Memorial Highway. The portion of the highway east of the west U.S. 75 junction to the Nebraska City Bridge in the Nebraska City area is known as the J. Sterling Morton Beltway, in honor of the creator of Arbor Day and the former Secretary of Agriculture.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Sioux 0.00 0.00 SD 71 north South Dakota state line; western terminus; western end of N-71 overlap
Dawes Crawford 28.47 45.82 US 20 east Western end of US-20 overlap
29.33 47.20 US 20 west (McPherson Street) Eastern end of US-20 overlap
Box Butte 55.17 88.79 N-71 south (Dodge Road) Eastern end of N-71 overlap
Hemingford 67.32 108.34 L-7E east
Berea 77.48 124.69 US 385 north Western end of US-385 overlap
Alliance 85.41 137.45 US 385 south (County Road 61) Eastern end of US-385 overlap
87.45 140.74 N-87 north (Flack Avenue)
Sheridan Lakeside 110.42 177.70 N-250 north
Ellsworth 118.12 190.10 N-27 north (Sheridan Road)
Grant Hyannis 145.61 234.34 N-61 north Western end of N-61 overlap
147.32 237.09 N-61 south Eastern end of N-61 overlap
Hooker Mullen 184.81 297.42 N-97
Thomas Seneca 196.02 315.46 S-86A north (Athens Street)
Thedford 210.79 339.23 US 83 south Western end of US-83 overlap
212.31 341.68 US 83 north Eastern end of US-83 overlap
Halsey 226.08 363.84 S-86B south
Blaine Dunning 237.61 382.40 N-91 east
237.97 382.98 S-5A west (Jewett Avenue)
Custer Anselmo 258.37 415.81 S-21A east (Smith Avenue)
Merna 269.39 433.54 N-92 west Western end of N-92 overlap
Broken Bow 278.66 448.46 N-21 south (8th Avenue)
279.83 450.34 N-70 east
Ansley 295.31 475.26 US 183 north / N-92 east Eastern end of N-92 overlap; western end of US-183 overlap
295.80 476.04 US 183 south Eastern end of US-183 overlap
Sherman Hazard 316.75 509.76 N-10 (County Road 144)
Buffalo Ravenna 327.44 526.96 N-68 east (Grand Avenue)
Hall Cairo 343.65 553.05 N-11
Grand Island 356.00 572.93 US 281 north Interchange; western end of US 281 overlap
358.75 577.35 US 30 Interchange
359.78 579.01 US 34 west / US 281 south (Tom Osborne Expressway) Eastern end of US-281 overlap; western end of US-34 overlap
Merrick 365.45 588.13 Bridge over Platte River
Hamilton 367.31 591.13 US 34 east East end of US-34 overlap
I-80 Eastern end of state maintenance; exit 318 on I-80
Gap in route
Lancaster Lincoln 452.65 728.47 US 77 (Homestead Expressway) Western end of state maintenance; interchange
454.90 732.09 L-55W south (14th Street)
466.40 750.60 N-43 south Western end of N-43 overlap; interchange
Otoe Palmyra 471.66 759.06 N-43 north (County Road 6) Eastern end of N-43 overlap
472.69 760.72 S-66A south (A Street)
Syracuse 484.71 780.07 N-50 (30th Road) Interchange
Dunbar 492.63 792.81 N-67 (46th Road)
Nebraska City 499.86–

US 75 north (J. Sterling Morton Beltway) / N-2 Bus. east (4th Corso) – Omaha, Nebraska City
Interchange; western end of US-75 overlap
502.48 808.66
US 75 south (64th Road) / US 75 Bus. north (11th Street)
Eastern end of US-75 overlap
503.13 809.71
N-2 Bus. west (4th Corso)
504.52 811.95 Iowa 2 east Iowa state line on Nebraska City Bridge over Missouri River; eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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