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Nebraska Highway 92 marker

Nebraska Highway 92
Nebraska Highway 92 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by NDOR
Length: 489.46 mi[1] (787.71 km)
Major junctions
West end: WYO 92 west of Lyman
  US 26 in Melbeta
US 385 west of Broadwater
US 83 east of Stapleton
US 183 in Ansley
US 281 in St. Paul
US 30 southwest of Clarks
US 77 west of Wahoo
US 275 south of Waterloo
I-80 in Omaha
US 75 in Omaha
East end: US 275 / Iowa 92 at Missouri River in Omaha
Counties: Scotts Bluff, Morrill, Garden, Keith, Arthur, McPherson, Logan, Custer, Sherman, Howard, Merrick, Polk, Butler, Saunders, Douglas
Highway system
N-91 N-94

Nebraska Highway 92 is a highway that enters the state from Nebraska's western border at the Wyoming state line west of Lyman, Nebraska, to the state's eastern border on the South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Missouri River in Omaha, where it enters Iowa. Nebraska Highway 92 passes, follows, or runs through a number of the state's principal attractions, including Scotts Bluff National Monument, the Oregon Trail, Chimney Rock National Historic Site, Ash Hollow State Historical Park, Lake McConaughy, the Nebraska Sand Hills, and the City of Omaha. Nebraska Highway 92 is the longest state route in the state at a total of 489.1 miles (787.1 km), and is part of a continuous 886-mile (1,426 km) four-state "Highway 92" which begins in Torrington, Wyoming, goes through Nebraska and Iowa and ends in La Moille, Illinois. It is the only Nebraska Highway to run from the west border to the east border of Nebraska; along the way it crosses the Platte River or its tributary North Platte River a total of five times.

Route description[edit]

Sign on N-92 as it enters the state from Wyoming
Scotts Bluff National Monument. The road is the Oregon Trail, a former alignment of N-92
Chimney Rock, a landmark on N-92

Nebraska Highway 92 begins at the Wyoming border west of Lyman and after a brief turn south, heads east passing around the north side of Scotts Bluff National Monument, crosses the North Platte River for the first of three times, and enters the town of Scottsbluff. Starting in Scottsbluff, N-92, U.S. 26, and the North Platte River form a three-way braid, crisscrossing one another several times for 91 miles (146 km) until Lewellen. At Scottsbluff, it overlaps U.S. 26 and Nebraska Highway 71, crossing the North Platte River again to its south side, to Gering, where it then turns to the east-southeast, following the route of the Oregon Trail, paralleling the North Platte River and U.S. 26 on the other side of the river. Near Chimney Rock National Historic Site, it overlaps U.S. 26 again until Bridgeport. After a brief concurrency with U.S. 385, it goes southeast until it crosses the North Platte for the third time just before Broadwater. It then again overlaps U.S. 26 a third time from there until Lewellen, where it separates to go through the resort communities along the north shore of Lake McConaughy until it meets Nebraska Highway 61.[1][2]

N-92 in the Sandhills, between Arthur and Tryon

It overlaps Highway 61 and goes north into the Sand Hills and separates in Arthur. It then goes east, meeting Nebraska Highway 97 in Tryon, and encountering Nebraska Highway 2 at Merna. It then goes southeast with Highway 2 through Broken Bow and separates at Ansley. It then runs east through Loup City and meets with U.S. 281 in St. Paul.[1][2]

It runs concurrently with U.S. 281 through St. Paul, crosses the Loup River, and then separates from U.S. 281 and goes straight east, intersects U.S. 30, crosses the Platte River for the first of two times near Clarks and meets U.S. 81 west of Osceola. It is then concurrent with U.S. 81 through Osceola and Shelby, before separating east of Shelby. It then passes through Rising City and then goes straight east until it meets U.S. 77 southwest of Wahoo, Nebraska. It passes through Wahoo concurrent with U.S. 77 and goes east with U.S. 77 until they separate near Mead. After passing the south edge of Yutan, it recrosses the Platte River.[1][2]

View of new South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge, from the Nebraska side

It then encounters U.S. 275, with which it is concurrent for the rest of its distance in Nebraska. Shortly after meeting U.S. 275, it crosses the Elkhorn River and becomes a 4 lane divided expressway shortly before meeting U.S. 6 and Nebraska Highway 31. Within Omaha, it meets Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 75. The street designations for Highway 92 in Omaha, going west to east, are West Center Road, Industrial Road, L Street and Missouri Avenue.[1][2] It remains a 4 lane suburban arterial street until it enters Iowa on the South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Missouri River.


Originally, Route 92 followed the route of the old Oregon Trail through Mitchell Pass in Scotts Bluff National Monument, and then through Downtown Gering. It was later rerouted on a more level route around the north side of Scotts Bluff, through the town of Scottsbluff. Between 1936 and 1973, Nebraska Highway 92 was concurrent with U.S. Highway 30A from Clarks to Omaha.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Scotts Bluff Lyman 0.00 0.00 WYO 92 west Continuation into Wyoming
Scottsbluff 23.16 37.27 US 26 west Western end of US 26 overlap
23.78 38.27 N-71 north Western end of N-71 overlap
27.19 43.76 US 26 east Eastern end of US 26 overlap
27.76 44.68 Beltline Highway East – Scottsbluff Partial interchange; westbound exit only
Gering 29.92 48.15 N-71 south Interchange; eastern end of N-71 overlap
Melbeta 36.18 58.23 L-79E north
Morrill Bayard 47.23 76.01 US 26 west Western end of US 26 overlap
Bridgeport 59.76 96.17 US 26 east / US 385 north (M Street) Eastern end of US 26 overlap; western end of US 385 overlap
60.23 96.93 N-88 south (M Street) Northern terminus of N-88
67.89 109.26 US 385 south Eastern end of US 385 overlap
Broadwater 75.91 122.17 US 26 west (Guthrie Street) Western end of US 26 overlap
Garden Oshkosh 105.47 169.74 N-27 south Northern terminus of N-27 (middle segment)
Lewellen 118.31 190.40 US 26 east Eastern end of US 26 overlap
Keith Lemoyne 142.06 228.62 N-61 south Western end of N-61 overlap
Arthur Arthur 167.51 269.58 N-61 north Eastern end of N-61 overlap
McPherson Tryon 206.70 332.65 N-97 north Western end of N-97 overlap
211.17 339.85 N-97 south Eastern end of N-97 overlap
Logan Stapleton 232.17 373.64 US 83 north Western end of US 83 overlap
236.17 380.08 US 83 south Eastern end of US 83 overlap
Custer Arnold 252.28 406.01 N-40 east (Carroll Street) Western terminus of N-40
Merna 276.45 444.90 N-2 west (E Street) Western end of N-2 overlap
Broken Bow 285.72 459.82 N-21 south (8th Avenue) Northern terminus of N-21
286.89 461.70 N-70 east Western terminus of N-70
Ansley 302.37 486.62 US 183 south / N-2 east Eastern end of N-2 overlap; western end of US 183 overlap
302.77 487.26 US 183 north Eastern end of US 183 overlap
Sherman Loup City 323.07 519.93 N-58 north Western end of N-58 overlap
323.79 521.09 N-10 south
N REC 82B.svg R-82B east (O Street) – Sherman Reservoir State Recreation Area
Northern terminus of N-10; western terminus of R-82B
326.04 524.71 N-58 south Eastern end of N-58 overlap
Howard 343.35 552.57 S-47A south
347.10 558.60 N-11 (Naper Road)
St. Paul 352.56 567.39 US 281 north Western end of US 281 overlap
354.94 571.22 US 281 south Eastern end of US 281 overlap
Merrick 364.55 586.69 S-61A
377.50 607.53 N-14 south Western end of N-14 overlap
378.51 609.15 N-14 north (17th Road) Eastern end of N-14 overlap
384.28 618.44 L-61D
Polk 396.02 637.33 N-39 north Southern terminus of N-39
399.02 642.16 US 81 south (Center Road) Western end of US 81 overlap
Shelby 408.42 657.29 N-69 south (Walnut Street) Northern terminus of N-69
411.44 662.15 US 81 north Eastern end of US 81 overlap
Butler 414.42 666.94 S-12E south
424.40 683.01 N-15 north (Mn Road) Western end of N-15 overlap
425.92 685.45 N-15 south (Road O) Eastern end of N-15 overlap
430.91 693.48 S-12F south
Saunders 439.92 707.98 N-79 south Western end of N-79 overlap
440.94 709.62 N-79 north Eastern end of N-79 overlap
444.45 715.27 S-78D south
445.95 717.69 S-78E north
Wahoo 450.17 724.48 US 77 south Western end of US 77 overlap
453.58 729.97 N-109 north Southern terminus of N-109
Mead 458.79 738.35 US 77 north Eastern end of US 77 overlap
459.80 739.98 S-78F south
Douglas 469.80 756.07 US 275 west (240th Street) Western end of US 275 overlap
Omaha 472.84 760.96 US 6 / N-31 (204th Street) Interchange
479.36 771.46 N-50 south (Millard Avenue) Northern terminus of N-50
480.83 773.82 I-680 north / I-80 Cloverleaf interchange with I-80 C/D lanes
483.35 777.88 N-85 south (84th Street) Northern terminus of N-85
484.35 779.49 72nd Street Interchange
488.17 785.63 US 75 (Kennedy Freeway) Interchange
Missouri River 489.46 787.71 South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge; Nebraska–Iowa state line
Pottawattamie Council Bluffs US 275 south / Iowa 92 east (Veterans Memorial Highway) Continuation into Iowa
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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