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Mayhem - Jalometalli 2008 - 19.JPG
Necrobutcher in 2008
Background information
Birth nameJørn Stubberud
Also known asNecrobutcher
Born (1968-04-13) April 13, 1968 (age 51)
GenresBlack metal, death metal, thrash metal
InstrumentsBass guitar, guitar, vocals
Years active1984–present
Associated actsMayhem, Bloodthorn, Checker Patrol, Kvikksølvguttene, L.E.G.O, Musta, Septic

Jørn Stubberud (born 13 April 1968) is a Norwegian musician best known as the bassist in the black metal band Mayhem under the stage name Necrobutcher. He is one of Mayhem's founding members, along with Euronymous, Manheim and Messiah. He is the band's only remaining original member,[1] as Messiah and Manheim left Mayhem, respectively, in 1986 and 1988, and Euronymous was murdered in 1993. He has also played in other bands: L.E.G.O., Kvikksølvguttene, Bloodthorn (guest artist),[2] and Checker Patrol.


Necrobutcher was in the band since 1984, but left in 1991 due to personal concerns following the suicide of former vocalist Dead as well as internal conflicts and disagreement with bandmate Euronymous. He was replaced as a session bassist by Varg Vikernes, who murdered Euronymous in 1993. In 1995, Necrobutcher reformed the band, along with Hellhammer, Maniac and Blasphemer. In 2016, he published the book The Death Archives: Mayhem 1984–94.[3] He still plays in Mayhem.




Live albums[edit]


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