Necromancy (film)

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Directed by Bert I. Gordon
Produced by Sidney L. Caplan
Gail March
Jeffrey M. Sneller
Written by Bert I. Gordon
Gail March
Starring Orson Welles
Pamela Franklin
Lee Purcell
Michael Ontkean
Music by Fred Karger
Robert J. Walsh
Cinematography Winton C. Hoch
Edited by John B. Woelz
Distributed by Cinerama Releasing Corporation
Release date
  • November 1972 (1972-11)
Running time
83 min.
Country United States
Language English

Necromancy (also known as The Witching) is a 1972 horror film directed by Bert I. Gordon and starring Orson Welles and Pamela Franklin.


A strange and sinister man, Mr. Cato (Orson Welles), wields extraordinary power in the small town of Lilith. The townsfolk indulge in weird rituals in their pursuit of necromancy, bring the dead back to life. Against this disturbing background a beautiful young girl, Lori (Pamela Franklin), becomes the human catalyst. She is married to Frank (Michael Ontkean), one of Cato's workers, and holds the key between life and death: what Cato and his followers have in mind is using Lori to bring back Cato's dead son.



The film was released theatrically in the United States by Cinerama Releasing Corporation in 1972.[citation needed]

The film was released on VHS in the U.S. as The Witching by both Paragon Video Productions and Magnum Entertainment in the 1983.[citation needed] It was released as Necromancy on DVD by Video International on February 11, 2008.[1]

The film was released on DVD by Pegasus Entertainment on November 18, 2002.[1]

The film was released on Blu-ray by Code Red DVD in 2016, briefly, before being pulled from sales by the company.


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