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Origin Athens, Greece
Genres Black metal[1]
Years active 1989 - present
Labels Dockyard 1

Necromantia is a Greek black metal band that was founded in 1989 in Athens, Greece.


A dominant characteristic is the lack of rhythm guitar in their music, which is substituted by an eight-string bass guitar. The band have been signed to Osmose Productions and Black Lotus Records.


Current line-up[edit]

  • The Magus - Bass, Vocals
  • Baron Blood - 8-String Bass
  • Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh) - Drums

Former members[edit]

  • Slow Death - Backing Vocals, Howling, Growling And Whispers
  • Yiannis ”The Worshipper Of Pan” Papayiannis - Sax, Percussions, Keyboards, Tablas, Classic Guitar, Flute
  • Inferno - Synths, Piano
  • Iraklis Yalantzides - Keyboards (session)
  • Lambros Sfiris - Keyboards (session)
  • Divad (aka Dave P.) - Guitar
  • John Fiorentis - Guitar (session)
  • Nick Adams - Drums (session)
  • George Panou - Drums (session)



  • Promo Tape 1990 (1990)
  • Vampiric Rituals (1992)
  • Demo '93 (1993)
  • Promo 1993 (1993)



  • From The Past We Summon Thee (Dark Side, 1995)
  • Ancient Pride (Osmose, 1997)
  • People of the Sea (Dark Side, 2008)
  • ...For the Temple of the Serpent Skull... (split with Acherontas; Dark Side, 2008)


  • Covering Evil (12 Years Doing The Devil's Work) (Black Lotus, 2001)
  • Cults of the Shadow (contains Crossing the Fiery Path and Scarlet Evil Witching Black; Osmose, 2002)
  • Necromantia (boxed set containing Crossing the Fiery Path, Scarlet Evil Witching Black, Ancient Pride and IV: Malice; Black Lotus, 2006)
  • De Magia Veterum (Dark Side Records, 2009)


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