Necropolis of Li Muri

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Necropolis of Li Muri
LocationArzachena, Sardinia, Italy
CulturesPre-Nuragic Sardinia

The necropolis of Li Muri is an archaeological site located in the municipality of Arzachena, Sardinia.

The necropolis, ascribable to the Arzachena culture and dated to the second half of the fourth millennium BC, it is composed by five stone cists, four of which are surrounded by circles of stones stuck into the ground that, originally, delimited the mound of earth and rubble that was erected over the burial.

Inside the cists was buried the deceased, probably individually (unlike the rest of Sardinia where the graves were usually collective), who was accompanied by grave goods including pottery, stone vessels, hatchets and beads necklace of steatite and gemstones.

The architecture of the necropolis show strong similarities with contemporary sites of Corsica, Provence and the Pyrenees.[1]


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Coordinates: 41°04′12″N 9°19′17″E / 41.0701°N 9.3215°E / 41.0701; 9.3215