Necropolis of Pranu Mutteddu

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Necropolis of Pranu Mutteddu
Necropolis of Pranu Mutteddu
Sardinien Goni Pranu Muttedu 01.jpg
Necropolis of Pranu Mutteddu is located in Italy
Necropolis of Pranu Mutteddu
Shown within Italy
Location Goni, Sardinia, Italy
Region Sardinia
Coordinates 39°34′03.49″N 9°16′04.79″E / 39.5676361°N 9.2679972°E / 39.5676361; 9.2679972Coordinates: 39°34′03.49″N 9°16′04.79″E / 39.5676361°N 9.2679972°E / 39.5676361; 9.2679972
Type Necropolis
Cultures Pre-Nuragic Sardinia
Site notes
Management Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici per le province di Cagliari e Oristano
Public access Yes

The necropolis of Pranu Muttedu is one of the most important funerary areas of pre-Nuragic Sardinia and is located near Goni, a small village in the province of South Sardinia. The complex has the highest known concentration of menhirs and megaliths in Sardinia (about sixty, variously distributed in pairs, groups or arrays), two megalithic tombs and a Domus de Janas surrounded by stone circles.

The complex has been excavated by Enrico Atzeni, on several occasions since 1980. The site was used from the Ozieri culture period to the early Copper age.


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