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Necropolis of Su Crucifissu Mannu

Coordinates: 40°48′37″N 8°26′39″E / 40.8103°N 8.4442°E / 40.8103; 8.4442
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Necropolis of Su Crucifissu Mannu
LocationPorto Torres, Sardinia, Italy
PeriodsNeolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age
CulturesPre-Nuragic Sardinia

The necropolis of Su Crucifissu Mannu (in English: The great crucifix) is an archaeological site located in the municipality of Porto Torres, Sardinia.

The necropolis includes at least twenty-two domus de janas,[1] all made in the period between the Neolithic (IV millennium BC ) and the Copper Age (III millennium BC) and intensely used until the time of Bonnanaro culture (1800–1600 BC).

Some internal chambers are decorated with symbolic elements (stylized bull's horns) and architectural elements (steps, false doors, lintels) typical of the period, carved in relief in the rock.[1]



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40°48′37″N 8°26′39″E / 40.8103°N 8.4442°E / 40.8103; 8.4442