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Ned Hollister (born in Delavan, Wisconsin on November 26, 1876; died November 3, 1924) was an American biologist primarily known for studying mammals.


Ned Hollister was born on November 26, 1876, in Delavan, Wisconsin. His parents were Kinner Newcomb Hollister [1841-1911] and Frances Margaret (Tilden) Hollister [1845-1927].[1]


Ned Hollister died on November 3, 1924 in Washington D.C at the age of 47.[1]


Ned Hollister attended Delavan High School, which is located in Delavan, Wisconsin.[1]


From 1916 until his death he was Superintendent of the National Zoological Park.[2] In 1921 he served as president of the Biological Society of Washington. When Ned Hollister was at the age of twelve, he gained an interest in birds as he studied under Ludwig Kumlien, who was a professor at Milton College. At the age of 16, Ned Hollister wrote his first papers on ornithology. At the age of 18, Ned Hollister was elected to the American Ornithologists' Union. Ned Hollister was designated to be the assistant curator of mammals at the U.S. National Museum in 1910. In the year of 1912, Ned Hollister worked for the Smithsonian. In the year of 1916, Ned Hollister was then designated to be the superintendent of the National Zoological Park. This is the place where he continued to work until he died. Ned Hollister was recorded to be a man that was a quiet and keen observer, and he was very systematic in the way he worked.[1]


Ned Hollister has been a member of the following groups:

  • American Ornithologists’ Union,
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Sociedad Estudios Biologicos of Mexico
  • Baird Ornithological Club
  • Biological Society of Washington
  • American Society of Mammalogists
  • Washington Academy of Sciences
  • Washington Biologists’ Field Club[1]


  • The Birds of Wisconsin (1903)
  • A Systematic Synopsis of Muskrats (1911)
  • Mammals of the Philippine Islands (1912)
  • Mammals of Alpine Club Expedition to Mount Robson (1913)
  • Philippine Land Mammals in the U.S. National Museum (1913)
  • A Systematic Account of the Grasshopper Mice (1914)
  • A Systematic Account of the Prairie-dogs


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