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Fountain at the main entrance of Nedap, Groenlo.

Nedap (N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek; EuronextNEDAP) is a Dutch multinational technology company. Its principal place of business is Groenlo, Netherlands. It has subsidiaries in the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, the Netherlands and Spain, and has been quoted on the Euronext exchange since 1947.[1]

The company focuses on developing and supplying solutions[buzzword] in the fields of security (identification of persons, animals and goods) and electronic control units through NFC.[2]

Nedap's activities are organized in the following Market Groups: Healthcare, Light Controls, Identification Systems, Livestock Management, Retail, Security Management and Staffing Solutions.

History and Shareholders[edit]

According to its website, Nedap was established in 1929, and has been listed on the stock exchange since 1947 and, with more than 700 employees, Nedap is active around the world. According to Nedap's annual report for 2014, it had the following shareholders with a shareholding of >3%:[3]

  • Add Value Fund: 3.36%
  • ASR Nederland: 8.20%
  • Cross Options Beheer: 15.11%
  • Darlin: 5.19%
  • Decico: 5.01%
  • Delta Lloyd Deelnemingen Fonds: 13.45%
  • Delta Lloyd N.V.: 12.60%
  • Kempen Capital Management: 6.34%
  • TKH Group: 5.06%
  • Stichting Preferente Aandelen Nedap (potential): 100%


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