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Coordinates: 32°43.95′N 97°6.83′W / 32.73250°N 97.11383°W / 32.73250; -97.11383

Nedderman Hall in 2010.

Nedderman Hall is the name of one of the engineering buildings at the University of Texas at Arlington in the U.S. state of Texas that contains several academic departments, lecture halls, research labs, the offices of the Dean of the College of Engineering, and a Science and Engineering library along with UT Arlington's Center for Distance Education. It is named after Wendell Nedderman, Ph.D., P.E., civil engineering professor emeritus as well as former UT Arlington Dean of Engineering (1959–1969) and President (1972–1992).

Its address is 416 S. Yates St., Arlington, TX 76010


Labeled the "New Engineering Building" in 1988 university maps, the newly renamed "Engineering Building II" was dedicated on October 8, 1988.[1][2] In 1991, the University renamed the building after Dr. Nedderman.

Hall of Flags[edit]

Shortly after the building opened, the College installed the Hall of Flags. Every student who had ever attended the College of Engineering had his country's flag on display. A matrix of 123 flags, with the Texas Lone Star flag, at west end, and the USA flag on the east end, suspended 50 feet above the ground, the Hall of Flags was an imposing sight.

Flags controversy[edit]

In April 2006, some Vietnamese Americans objected to the hanging of the national flag of Vietnam. The flag of the former South Vietnam has been hanging in the Hall of Flags since its beginning. The national flag of North Vietnam has long been associated with the current communist state in Vietnam. On April 28, university President James D. Spaniolo stated in an editorial in the student newspaper, the Shorthorn, that the University's official stance on the flags was:

"By displaying these flags, the University is not endorsing these nations or their politics or policies; we are supporting the UT Arlington students and alumni who come from these nations. The flags represent students’ countries of origin, not governments."

On April 30, 2006, over 3,000 Vietnamese Americans around the state came to the campus to protest the hanging of the flag.

On May 10, 2006, UTA President James Spaniolo ordered the removal of all 123 flags from the Hall of Flags until a committee can be formed "to explore alternative means to celebrate the diversity of our student body."

The flags have now been replaced by UT Arlington banners.

WiFi connectivity[edit]

Nedderman Hall is covered by the UTA wireless network that provides 802.11n access to students, faculty, and staff. Guest access is available, but is limited to access to pages hosted on the UTA domain. Full access can be granted to guests with a faculty or staff sponsor through the Office of Information Technology.


Nedderman Hall houses two of the nine engineering departments at UTA, and some of their respective labs. The departments housed in Nedderman Hall are:

In addition, the top floor of the building houses the offices of the Dean of the College of Engineering as well as the office of W. H. Nedderman, an engineering professor and former president of UTA for whom the building is named. The second floor houses the College of Engineering Engineering Student Services.

The other engineering departments at UTA are housed in Woolf Hall, the Engineering Lab Building, the Engineering Research Building, and the NanoFab Research & Teaching Facility.


Nedderman Hall houses 13 of the 21 engineering student organizations at UTA:

Science & Engineering Library[edit]

UT Arlington's Science & Engineering library is located in the basement of the building and provides extensive resources to the students. This library, like the other four libraries on the UTA campus, is open to the public for research and extends borrowing and other privileges to many non-UTA-affiliated individuals through the TexShare program.

Center for Distance Education[edit]

As of June 1, 2011, part of the third floor of Nedderman Hall is now home to UT Arlington's Center for Distance Education.[3]


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