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Editor-in-chiefVeljko Lalic
CategoriesNews magazine
First issueDecember 28, 2011
CompanyNIP Nedeljnik
CountrySerbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, EU, USA
Based inBelgrade, Serbia

Nedeljnik (Serbian Cyrillic: Недељник) is a weekly news magazine published in Belgrade, Serbia.

Since October 2012 Nedeljnik has been published by an independent group of journalists, who are also the magazine's founders.


The publishers of Nedeljnik consider its primary audience to be urban and educated people. There is a particular large interest for the interviews with the world leaders and influencers, which have been, for years, ignored in Serbia. Nedeljnik published interviews with Lech Walesa, Noam Chomsky,[1] Steve Forbes, Michael Bloomberg, Carla del Ponte, Romano Prodi, etc. Nedeljnik also interviewed the most prominent Serbian politicians and intellectuals, and published reports such as the in-depth interview with Boris Tadić[2] in Visoki Dečani or the first national interview of the then newly appointed President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolić.

One of the most popular columns in the magazine is "Otvoreno" ("Open"), which invites intellectuals and politicians to write their views and commentaries.

Nedeljnik published a lot of interviews with influential persons from Serbia and the region, as well as the world-wide famous people, such as: Noam Chomsky[3], Julian Assange[4], Toni Morrison[5], Francis Fukuyama[6], Khaled Hosseini[7], and Morrissey.[8]

One of the prominent interviews was one with famous former NBA all-star Vlade Divac in which declared he was leaving Serbia with a great deal of disappointment[9].

In december of 2016, famous designer Mirko Ilić[10] designed cover of magazine Nedeljnik that accompanied the interview with him.

Nedeljnik also published interviews with great deal of world-wide-famous basketball players and coaches: Željko Obradović[11], Dušan Ivković[12], Božidar Maljković[13], Igor Kokoškov[14], Predrag Danilović[15], Saša Đorđević[16], Žarko Paspalj[17]

In 2017, Nedeljnik's reporter Dragan Krsnik uncovered the illegal practices of employing Serbian workers in the factories in Slovakia, with false employment contracts and no social security or health insurance[18]

In 2019. famous artist, Belgrade born, Marina Abramović wrote a deeply personal letter to Serbia ahead of her Retrospective [19]

Nedeljnik magazine, letter of Marina Abramovic


New York Times International Report, Serbian edition

Nedeljnik is the publisher of the first monthly publication of The New York Times, New York Times International Report. Once a month it comes as a gift to readers of Nedeljnik. On 24 pages Nedeljnik presents the best current articles from The New York Times, including special pages dedicated to business, science, arts, politics, lifestyle.[20] Serbian language is only the third world's language with edition of The New York Times International, after Spanish and Portuguese. [21]

From January 2018, the digital edition of The New York Times International Report is available on Nedeljnik's website.[22]

Original magazine

Nedeljnik created a magazine designed for young people and students, published with Novak Djokovic Foundation. The Original magazine was a concept to bring back the young readers and to try to persuade them to read a quality mainstream magazine. A luxury glossy 96-page magazine distributed to the students of Serbian universities, and the rest distributed with some copies of Nedeljnik.[23]

Le Monde diplomatique, Serbian edition

Cover of LMD in Serbian

Every third week in the month, readers of Nedeljnik get the Serbian edition of le Monde diplomatique[24] for free. The most prestigious media in the French-speaking world is written by philosophers, analysts and sociologists. On the occasion of launching this edition Noam Chomsky said: "I wish to congratulate Nedeljnik on starting the Serbian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique. It is, indeed, one of the few pillars of free thinking in today's world. Unique, invaluable, reliable, LMD is wonderful news for those who hope to understand the world or change it for the better."


Veljko Lalic (editor-in-chief of Nedeljnik) is one of the most awarded Serbian journalist. He was the youngest winner of the biggest journalist award "Dimitrije Davidovic" for editors (Dimitrije Davidovic is considered to be the pioneer of Serbian journalism) from The Journalists Association of Serbia, in 2015.

He also received "Laza Kostic"[25] for feuilleton in 2004, also as the youngest, gold medal "Misa Anastasijevic"[26] in 2010 for the best manager from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, "The man of the year"[27] award for the best columnist in 2010, elected by all his colleagues and prominent persons, "Dragisa Kasikovic"[28] for his expending of freedom in 2015 and many other awards and recognitions. In 2018 Lalic received "Aleksandar Tijanic Award", a prominent award for bravery in journalistic expression. Lalic gave away the financial part of the award as a contribution to a journalist from small town near Belgrade, who was attacked for his writing. The journalist Milan Jovanović form Vrčin, had his house burned down in an assault. [29] Jovanović has reported on the „suddenly acquired property" of the head of the local Grocka municipality, as well as alleging corruption in the construction of sewage systems, after which local authorities cut down his water supply.[30] President of Grocka municipality and official of ruling is arrested, suspected for ordering an arson attack on house of Milan Jovanović. [31]

Web site was named as one of the top 5 best news web sites in the country for 2017 in a ranking conducted by magazine PCPRESS.[32]

2017. Dragan Krsnik won the award for investigative reportage[33]

2017. Her majesty, The Queen of England decorated Branko Rosić, managing editor of Nedeljnik, with Medal of The British Empire, for his lifetime contribution in creating cultural ties between the two countries.[34]

2017. Nenad Čaluković, political editor of Nedeljnik won award for the interview of the year[35]

2016. Marko Prelević, managing editor of Nedeljnik won award for columnist of the year[36]

2015. Veljko Lalić, editor in chief of Nedeljnik won award for best editor in the country from a national association of journalists (Journalists Association of Serbia)[37]

Investigative journalism[edit]

In February 2017, Nedeljnik published a story written by Dragan Krsnik, the undercover reporter who spent several months working at a Samsung factory in Galanta, Slovakia, without a proper working permit.

In the report, Krsnik described slave-like conditions and woeful wages for hundreds of Serbian and other foreign workers in the plants in Slovakia.

The report spawned an immediate reaction from Serbian and Slovak public and the governments of Slovakia and Serbia.

In February 2017, just a couple of days after the report in Nedeljnik was published, the Labour Ministry of Slovakia announced it will pay more attention to companies with foreign staff. "The Labour Ministry wants to see foreigners working in Slovakia only legally and in conditions corresponding to the Slovak Labour Code", the minister Richter said. "We've found out - and this was also confirmed by Hungarian authorities - that several Serbian nationals working in Slovakia were deceived and were staying here illegally, although they themselves didn't know that", he added.[38]

In June 2017, Serbian minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs visited Bratislava, Slovakia and spoke about the ways for joint action in cases of unlawful treatment of workers coming from the third countries. In November 2017, Serbia and Slovakia signed a protocol on cooperation between in the field of labor and employment, the Serbian government announced.[39]

In February 2018, the Slovak parliament approved a draft amendment to the law on employment services that simplifies the conditions for employing people from the non-EU countries.[40]

Krsnik and Nedeljnik were featured in numerous media outlets throughout Europe. His report was featured in Le Monde diplomatique, among others.[41]

Krsnik's report won the Association of Journalists of Serbia's award for reportage in December 2017.[42]

In August 2019, Nedeljnik discovered that Serbia has granted citizenship to Thailand’s fugitive former premier Yingluck Shinawatra, who was ousted ahead of the 2014 coup.[43]

Special editions[edit]

Person of the Year

Magazine Nedeljnik introduced annual "Person of the Year" cover story in december of 2016. First "Person of the Year" selected by magazin Nedeljnik was president of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts Vladimir Kostić.[44] The next year, a famous basketball coach Dušan Duda Ivković was featured as Nedeljnik's "Person of the Year". It was his last year as active basketball coach and because of political connotations his last game was organized in Greece, rather than Serbia.[45]

Web site[edit]

Internet editon of Nedeljnik is one of the most popular web sites among highly educated and high income readers in Serbia, according to Gemius agency.[46] Web site was selected as one of top five news sites in Serbia in most respective yearly selection of its kind, conducted by Serbia's renowned "PC magazine".[47]

AIR SERBIA business lounge case[edit]

Nedeljnik was one of the political news magazines Air Serbia Airport Lounge staff were instructed not to display. Air Serbia Lounge staff were instructed by a supervisor to remove all newspapers and magazines left behind by travelers. "Pay special attention to NIN, Vreme and Nedeljnik weeklies and newspapers of similar content. They should not be exhibited," the memo to staff said.[48] This action was seen as controversial in Serbia, and reactions of European officials followed. Opposition politicians in Serbia used this case to illustrate the censorship in Serbia.


According to IPSOS agency readership of Nedeljnik is around 100,000, while according to agency Partner Nedeljnik is the only political magazine among the weeklies with the highest circulation, with the average readership close to 80.000. The research of Ipsos Strategic Marketing shows that more than 70 percent of readers of Nedeljnik are highly educated, and they are opinion makers, political and business elite of this country.[49]


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