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NPO 2 logo 2014.svg
Launched 1 October 1964
Owned by NPO
Picture format 576i (PAL) 16:9
1080i (HDTV)
Audience share 6.3% (2014, [1])
Slogan "Vertelt het hele verhaal"
(Tells the whole story)
Country Netherlands
Broadcast area National. Also available in Belgium and Germany.
Headquarters Hilversum
Formerly called TV2 (1990-2000)
Nederland 2 (1964-1990,2000-2014)
Sister channel(s) NPO 1
Website NPO 2 website
Digitenne (FTA) Channel 2 (SD)
CanalDigitaal (FTV) Channel 2 (HD)
TV Vlaanderen (Belgium) Channel 17 (HD)
Ziggo Channel 2 (SD/HD)
CAIW Channel 2 (SD)
Channel 402 (HD)
Setar (Aruba) Channel 52
KPN Channel 2
Mine TV Channel 2
Belgacom TV (Belgium) Channel 21
Streaming media
Horizon (Netherlands only)

NPO 2 (formerly Nederland 2 Dutch pronunciation: [ˌneːdərlɑnt ˈtʋeː] until 2014) is a Dutch television channel, one of three alongside NPO 1 and NPO 3. It was established on 1 October 1964 at 20:00, initially with a 2.5 hours schedule until 22:30. In September 1967, colour broadcasts were introduced on NPO 2.

NPO 2 tends to broadcast sports, light entertainment, news and current affairs programming.

Until the launch of NPO 3 in 1988, NPO 2 was the mainstay of the broadcasters AVRO, TROS, VOO/Veronica and VPRO, earning it the nickname ATV. In 1995 VOO/Veronica split from the Netherlands Public Broadcasting to become a commercial channel.

On 16 September 2007 the NPO channels Nederland 1, Nederland 2 and Nederland 3 switched completely to anamorphic widescreen, before that time some of the programming was already broadcast in widescreen.

On 4 July 2009, all three channels began simulcasting in 1080i high-definition.[2] Before the launch of the permanent HD service, a test version of the Nederland 1 HD channel was made available from 2 June 2008 until 24 August 2008 in order to broadcast Euro 2008, the 2008 Tour de France, and the 2008 Summer Olympics in HD.

NPO 2 simulcasts NPO 1 news with sign language.

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Snapdragon 810[edit]

Notable features include:

Model number Fab CPU GPU DSP Memory technology GPS Wireless Sampling availability Utilizing devices
Instruction set Micro-architecture Cores Freq. (GHz) Microarchitecture Core configuration1 Frequency (MHz) GFLOPS Micro-architecture Freq. (MHz) Type Bus width (bit) Bandwidth (GB/s) Cellular WLAN PAN
MSM8994[3] 20 nm HPm ARMv8-A Cortex-A57
(with Global Task Scheduling)
4+4 2.0 + 1.55 [4]
GM20B (Maxwell) 256:16:16 1000 512 (FP32) / 1024 (FP16) Hexagon V56 up to 800 MHz LPDDR4 64-bit dual-channel[5] 1600 MHz (25.6 GB/s) IZat Gen8C LTE Cat 9[6] 802.11ac Bluetooth 4.1 Q3 2014[7]


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