Needle-nose pliers

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Needle-nose pliers, also known as long-nose pliers and snipe-nose pliers, are both cutting and holding pliers used by artisans, jewellery designers, electricians, network engineers and other tradesmen to bend, re-position and snip wire. Their namesake long nose gives excellent control while the cutting edge near the pliers' joint provides "one-tool" convenience. Because of their long shape they are useful for reaching into small areas where cables or other materials have become stuck or unreachable with fingers or other means.[1]

Bent nose pliers, also named bent needle-nose pliers, curved nose pliers or curved needle-nose pliers, have a curved beak.

Bent needle-nose pliers

Wiring pliers, are used to cut, strip and manipulate wire during the process of terminating it.

Wiring pliers with separate cutting edge and stripping section for 0.5mm conductor.

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