Neel Kamal (1968 film)

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Neel Kamal
Neel Kamal 1968 film poster.JPG
Film poster
Directed by Ram Maheshwari
Produced by Pannalal Maheshwari
Written by Binoy Chatterjee (screenplay)
Gulshan Nanda (story)
Starring Waheeda Rehman
Raaj Kumar
Manoj Kumar
Music by Ravi
Cinematography Fali Mistry
Release dates
Running time
160 min.
Country India
Language Hindi

Neel Kamal is a 1968 Hindi film directed by Ram Maheshwari starring Waheeda Rehman in the title role. Other stars includes Raaj Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Mehmood, Balraj Sahni, Lalita Pawar and Shashikala.


Sita (Waheeda Rehman) and her friends go for a trip, at night Sita sleepwalks and when she is about to be killed by a train walking on the railway track, Ram (Manoj Kumar) saves her. Impressed, her father decides her marriage with him. But after her marriage with Ram, Sita discovers that her sleepwalking is not a simple sleepwalking but it takes her to the story of her past life - Chitrasen (Raaj Kumar), an artisan, is in love with the princess Sita (Neelkamal in her past life) but the king rejects him, and buries him alive. His love for Neelkamal is immortal and his soul survives for centuries to meet Neelkamal.

Sita is invited to Chitrasen's place by a song. She sleepwalks to Chitrasen's place every night. Her mother-in-law, a very cross person, believes that Sita is in love with another and gives her a tough time. One night Sita reaches Chitrasen's place and a brief conversation ends up with Chitrasen's soul becoming free and Sita falling unconscious. Ram rescues her & they lead a good life.

Waheeda Rehman won the Filmfare Best Actress Award for her role in this film.



  • Tujhko pukare mera pyaar
  • Babul ki duaayen
  • He rom-rom mein basne waale Ram
  • Khali dabba khali bota

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