Neel Rajar Deshe

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Neel Rajar Deshe
Neel Rajar Deshe.jpg
Neel Rajar Deshe
Directed byRiingo Banerjee
StarringIndrani Haldar
Ashish Vidyarthi
Music byBickram Ghosh
Release date
25 January 2008

Neel Rajar Deshe (Bengali: নীল রাজার দেশে "In the Land of the Blue King") (2008) is a Bengali film Directed by Riingo Banerjee.


This "adventure story for kids" actually revolves around a naughty and adolescent kid, Raja’s (Aryann Bhowmik) adventures during his holidays spent in his home in the picturesque backdrop of North Bengal at the foothills of the mountains. Once, while he is playing with his bunch of friends and kid sister Chhoti (Tathoi Deb), near the forests, he discovers a child, his body covered with festering wounds from rat bites and mice bites, hidden in a big hole in the ground. He finds out from a television news channel that Neel, the son of wealthy parents, has been kidnapped and kept hidden in the hole for a ransom. The chief kidnapper, a sinister character named Pandey is hiding in Raja’s house as Raja’s father, a taxi-driver, is involved in the kidnapping. In a moment of greed, he helped deliver the kidnapped child in his taxi. Pandey panics when he realises that Raja has chanced upon the truth and holds Raja’s family captive in their own house.




The music was composed by Bickram Ghosh.

Neel Rajar Deshe
Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack
Big Music
ProducerRajiv Mehra
Bickram Ghosh chronology
Neel Rajar Deshe
Little Zizou

The tracks from the film include:

Track Singer Duration Notes
"Bhorer Akash" Saptak 5:16
"Neel Rajar Deshe" (Theme) 1:48
"Dour" (Instrumental) 1:17
"Neel Neel Rajar Deshe" Bickram Ghosh, Diganto Banerjee 4:56
"Jolke Chol" (Instrumental) 1:52
"Dure Kothao" (Instrumental) 2:39
"Akasher Shimanay" Saptak, Keka Ghoshal, Piasa majumdar, Pratiti Chatterjee, Ronit Roy 6:16
"Chottobela" (Instrumental) 2:07
"Jhor Uthechhe" 0:49
"Akasher Shimanay" (Instrumental) 5:57
"Bhorer Akash" (Remix) Rupak Das, Bickram Ghosh 4:54
"Akasher Shimanay" (Theme) 1:52

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