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Neelam Karki Niharika (born 1974) is a Nepalese novelist, poet, story writer best known for Beli, Hawaan, and Cheerharan. Her first poem was published in Kisan Magazine when she was in 6th grade. Her first Novel was published in 1994. Karki's book Cheerharan has become a best seller[1] in Nepal as of July 2016.

She is a well-respected writer in Nepal and her works are highly sought by newspapers, television and radio media. Her popularity extends beyond Nepal, especially in communities around the Himalayas.

She is unique and a highly respected writer. Her writing skills have added a new dimension and continue to enrich Nepali literature. Her contribution to the social and political changes in Nepal can hardly be exaggerated. Her themes such as male-dominated society, caste, class, poverty, corruption, and tyranny has triggered intellectual debate among the Nepalese people and is providing impetus to on-going changes in the country.

Author Neelam Karki Niharika has tried to illustrate women's obligations, societal norms and stigmas from her inner mind in her latest book Kagajma Dastakhat. She is awarded as a famous and prestigious literary award from Nepal called "Madan Puraskar" of the year 2074 BS. She has won the madan puraskar for her famous novel "Yog Maya".[2] The prize of "Madan Puraskar" is Nepali Two hundred Thousands Nepali currency.


  • Maun jeevan, Novel (1994) Launched by the then president of Nepali congress and ex- prime minister Krishana Prasad Bhattrai.
  • Niyatiko khel, Novel, (1997)
  • Hawan, Story Collection (2006)
  • Brain fever, a long poem, (2006)
  • Neelam karki niharika ka kabita, Collection of Poems,(2006)
  • Kagaj ma dastakhat, Collection of stories (2007)
  • Beli, Collection of stories(2012)
  • Arki Aaimee, Novel (2014)
  • Chirharan, Novel published (2016), Awarded Padma Shree Puraskar 2072
  • Yogmaya, Novel (2018), awarded nepali literary award Madan Puraskar-2074.


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