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Neeli Bar is a geographical region in Punjab, Pakistan. It is between the rivers Ravi and Satluj. "Bar" is the name given to areas in Punjab which were thick forests before the arrival of the modern canal irrigation system. Its soil is very fertile, as this plain is formed by the mud that has been collected by rivers flowing from the Himalayas. This region consists of the districts Sahiwal, Okara and Pakpattan . This region is famous for cow /buffalo breed, the Neeli Ravi Breed.

In History[edit]

This area was the hub of famous war of Independence of 1857, which was led in this area by Shaheed Rae Ahmed Nawaz Khan Kharal.

Language and culture[edit]

The native language spoken in area is Punjabi, which is a common language of the Bar area, with various dialects. Urdu is also spoken. The Bari Culture is the native and dominant culture of region.

Cultural changes[edit]

While after introducing the canal system during the British Raj, millions of acres of land were granted to retired soldiers of the people mostly belonged to various districts of Eastern Punjab. This immigration had different impacts on the culture of this area.