Neer dosa

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Neer dose ನೀರ್ ದೋಸೆ
Type Dosa
Place of origin India
Region or state Karnataka
Main ingredients Rice
Cookbook: Neer dose ನೀರ್ ದೋಸೆ  Media: Neer dose ನೀರ್ ದೋಸೆ
Home made Neer Dosa with coconut Chutney, Jaggery mixed with grated coconut and coconut milk
Rice batter consistency and ladle used to prepare Neer Dosa

Neer dosa or Neer dose (Tulu : ನೀರ್ ದೋಸೆ) literally meaning Water dosa is a crêpe prepared from rice batter. It is light type of dosa, an Indian dish. Neer dosa is a delicacy from of Tulu nadu region in Karnataka part of Udupi cuisine. 'Neer' is the word for water in Tulu and 'Neeru' is the word for water in Kannada. It is called as poo-pole in beary language, and thellin dose in Kundapura Kannada. In malnad region it is known as bari akki dose meaning only rice dos.


Rice is soaked in water for 4 to 5 hours. It is then ground with water to make a runny batter. Most types of dosa require the batter to be fermented for a few hours or even a day. However, fermentation is skipped while preparing a Neer dosa. Salt is added for taste. More water can be added to make sure the batter is of a pouring consistency. A thin layer of batter is poured onto a heated flat cast Iron griddle (tawa) greased with oil or a non-stick pan. The batter is spread with the base of a ladle or bowl to form a pancake. It is flipped to heat both crusts and removed from the griddle when the crust becomes dry. It is served hot. Based on its size, it can either be folded or served as is.

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