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View of downtown Neerlandia
View of downtown Neerlandia
Neerlandia is located in Alberta
Coordinates: 54°19′09″N 114°22′38″W / 54.3192°N 114.3772°W / 54.3192; -114.3772
Country Canada
Province Alberta
RegionCentral Alberta
Municipal districtCounty of Barrhead No. 11
 • Typeunincorporated
 • Governing bodyCounty of Barrhead No. 11 Council
Time zoneUTC−7 (MST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−6 (MDT)

Neerlandia is a hamlet in central Alberta, Canada within the County of Barrhead No. 11.[2] Neerlandia is situated at the intersection of Highway 769 and Township Road 615A between Mellowdale and Vega, approximately 20 kilometers north of Barrhead and northwest of Westlock.

Neerlandia was founded by Dutch immigrants beginning in 1911. The name "Neerlandia" refers to the first settlers' country of origin, the Netherlands. The surrounding area is largely agricultural based with many people in the out-lying area also being involved in construction and other trades as well.

Services and amenities[edit]

The Hamlet of Neerlandia has four churches (Christian Reformed, United Reformed and two Canadian Reformed), a grocery store, a farm and building centre, a self-serve gas station, a restaurant and two schools, the Neerlandia Public Christian School which is now in a brand new building, and the Covenant Canadian Reformed School. The public school also houses the public library and has a tennis court and a baseball diamond. The ice rink beside the public school was demolished to make room for the new school and plans for a new ice rink are in development.

Neerlandia is southeast of the Fort Assiniboine Sandhills Wildland Provincial Park in Woodlands County, which is accessible via Highway 769 and Highway 661. The park and surrounding area is a popular camping, snowmobiling, quadding, trailriding and hunting destination.

Founding members[edit]

In January 1911, Henry Kippers began a Dutch Colonization society with the goal to create a Dutch Farming community. The community formation began on December 18, 1911 with 16 men filling for land permits at the Dominion of Lands Office in Edmonton, Alberta. These men were John Anema, Rients de Jager, Drikus Huinink, Cornelius Ingwersen, Albert M. Mast, Johan Messelink, Henry J. Micheal, Menne Nanninga, Albert J. Oldegbers, Hendrik Schoonekamp, Berend te Ronde, Douwe Terpsma, John Terpsma, Siebren Tiemstra and Willem van Ark. This was followed by Fred Baron and Henry J. Kippers on December 26, 1911 and finally Arie Emmerzael on February 6, 1912.[3]

Further reading[edit]

The Neerlandia Historical Society compiled a historical biography of Neerlandia, entitled "A Furrow Laid Bare." [4]

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Coordinates: 54°19′09″N 114°22′38″W / 54.31917°N 114.37722°W / 54.31917; -114.37722 (Neerlandia)