Neesa Hart

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Neesa Hart
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American

Neesa Hart is an American author of romance novels and political thrillers.


In college, Hart majored in geography and international affairs and did not take any classes that would lead to a career in writing. She was inspired to become a novelist after taking a political job with Response Dynamics, Inc. writing fundraising letters.[1] Because of this, she met many aspiring novelists and decided to try it herself.[2][not in citation given]

Her political career included working for Senator Strom Thurmond, the William Rehnquist confirmation hearings, and the White House.[2][not in citation given]

She now writes children's music and dramatic productions with Phillip Lanier.


She is the author of three books in the Left Behind: End of State spin-off series: End of State: Left Behind Political (2004)[3] End of State: Impeachable Offense: The Conspiracy Grows...(2004),[4] and End of State: Necessary Evils: A Time for Treason (2005)[5]

Personal life[edit]

She currently resides in Virginia,[when?][citation needed] where she shares a music and arts studio with Phillip Lanier.


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