Neeya Naana

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Neeya Naana
Also known as Tamil: நீயா நானா
Genre Talk show
Directed by Anthony Thirunelveli (Mercury Networks)
Creative director(s) Anthony Thirunelveli (Mercury Networks)
Presented by Gopinath
Country of origin India.
Original language(s) Tamil
Running time approx. 1.5 hrs.
Original network STAR Vijay
Original release 2006
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Neeya? Naana? (English: You? or Me?) (Tamil: நீயா நானா) is a Tamil talk show on the regional television channel Vijay TV of STAR TV network.[1]

It brings together polarized sections of the society and allow them to debate on a topic that affects them the most and they share their views, opinions and counter-arguments. Every week, a topic is chosen and two groups of people representing the extreme ends face each other and discuss on the show. The program deals with the subject both light-heartedly as well as seriously at the same time and often features celebrity guests.

The show was designed and has been created by Anthony Thirunelveli and is currently being hosted by Gopinath, who has been the host since the program began.


Although the show started in 2006, it did not receive much attention until a few years later when changes were made to give all groups of people an opportunity to express their opinion about topics that are relevant to the current social, economic, and political situation. This decision meant that the show appealed to all age groups and started to gain popularity. Moreover, it became one of the prominent Tamil shows to promote freedom of speech.

Initially, the show was named "Makkal Yar Pakkam", which loosely translates to "which side the people are on". Later, after much consideration, it was renamed to "Neeya Naana". The Director of the show is Mr. Antony Thirunelveli who is the brainchild behind this show.

Format of the show[edit]

Although it is a talk show, it is structured like a light-hearted debate, where two groups bring forth their own point of views and try to out-smart the other team with their argument. The show begins with Gopinath introducing the topic and the participants. After brief introduction, Gopinath starts the debate by firing questions at the one of the groups, and response to the questions followed by the challenge by the other group forms rest of the show. Often some participants 'act' out relevant situations to express their point better, which make the show more entertaining.

After 2 hours of debate, Gopinath concludes the show by expressing his personal observation and several facts and points of consideration from the participation. The sponsor of the show would often honor a participant with a small prize at the end.

Some of the topics discussed on the show are:

  • Husband Vs Wife
  • Must Study only Medicine or Engineering courses Vs Other types of courses
  • Love in point of view from today's ladies
  • Girls Vs Boys
  • Do Ghosts Exist
  • Stress related to life.
  • Why do kids tend to speak English
  • Is the 100-day employment scheme good?
  • Tamil literature vs English literature
  • Ajith Vs Vijay


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