Nefermaat II

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See also Nefermaat I.
Nefermaat II
Nefermaat's name
Nefermaat's name
Resting place mastaba G 7060, Giza
Title King's Son, Hereditary prince, Overlord of Nekheb
Children Sneferukhaf
Parent(s) Nefertkau I and unknown man, maybe Khufu
Relatives two grandsons

Nefermaat II was a member of the Egyptian royal family during the 4th dynasty and vizier of Khafra (his cousin).

Nefermaat was a son of a King's Daughter Nefertkau I and a grandson of Pharaoh Sneferu.[1]

Nefermaat was buried in mastaba G 7060 at Giza.[1] Nefermaat's tomb is part of a group of tombs including those of Nefertkau I (G 7050) and his son Sneferukhaf (G 7070). His tomb is located near the pyramid of Khufu, who may not only have been his uncle, but also his father (according to George Andrew Reisner).[2]


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