Neferu II

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Neferu II
King's wife; King's daughter
Figurine Neferu Met.jpg
Funerary figurine of Neferu made from wax, from TT319. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Burial TT319
Spouse Mentuhotep II
Egyptian name
nfr nfr nfr
Dynasty 11th Dynasty
Father Intef III
Mother Iah

Neferu II was the wife and sister of the ancient Egyptian king Mentuhotep II who ruled in the 11th Dynasty, around 2000 BC.

Relief of a woman carrying a sunshade, found in Neferu's tomb TT319. Walters Art Museum.

Neferu is mainly known from her tomb (TT319) at Deir el-Bahari. The tomb was found badly destroyed but the decorated burial chamber was well preserved and many fragments from the reliefs in the tomb chapel were found. Her main titles were king's wife and king's daughter.[1] The inscriptions in the tomb mention that she was the daughter of a person called Iah,[2] most likely the king's mother Iah who was the mother of king Mentuhotep II. She was therefore his sister. It is known that Mentuhotep II was the son of king Intef III who was most likely the father of Neferu.


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