Neftchilar Avenue

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Neftchiler Avenue
Neftchiler Avenue, Baku, 2010 (2).jpg
Maintained byCity of Baku
East endJavanshir Bridge
Uzeyir Hajibeyov Street
West endBayil, Sabail raion of Baku

Neftchiler Avenue (Azerbaijani: Neftçilər Prospekti) is an arterial road in Baku, Azerbaijan. It begins at the west end of the Bayil district of Baku and continues east until terminating at Javanshir Bridge (formerly Gagarin Bridge) intersecting Uzeyir Hajibeyov Street.

Previous names of Neftchilar Avenue were Alexander II Quay, Gubanov Quay, and Stalin Avenue. The street was named Neftchilar Avenue in 1961 in honour of workers of oil industry in Azerbaijan. The larger section of the avenue runs along Baku Boulevard.

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