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Neg Dupree
Born 1st September 1979
London, United Kingdom
Years active 2004 – present

Neg Dupree (/ˈnɛ/ NEJ; born London, England, 1st September 1979)[1] is a British comedian, writer and actor, best known for his act "Neg's Urban Sports" on the British television show Balls of Steel.[2] Neg's acting versatility has earned him many various television appearances including on Footballers' Wives, EastEnders, and The Bill.

Neg's Urban Sports[edit]

Neg's Urban Sports are widely regarded as the most controversial and most popular act in Balls of Steel. Neg's antics have earned a cult worldwide following.[3][4] The entrance music for Neg is Sound of da Police by KRS-One. Whilst performing the "Urban Sports", he often shouts "Whoop! Whoop!". People have mistaken this as coming from the same song. However, it is Neg's own "catchphrase" from many years back, and in some episodes, Neg entered to the song I Predict a Riot by Kaiser Chiefs. At the beginning of each clip, "A Fistful of Dollars" by Ennio Morricone and "Monstertruckdriver" by T.Raumschmiere is played.

Balls of Steel[edit]

  • Urban Sprinting: Neg triggers security alarms in shops and provokes the security guards to chase him as he would try to run from the shop to the nearest burger bar as quickly as possible. He also screams his familiar battle-cry "whoop whoop whoop whoop" while avoiding capture by the security guards. On the second attempt at this, Neg was taken down on an escalator by the head of security who had retired two weeks before.
  • Big Stranger Rodeo: Neg jumps on a stranger's back and rides them like a rodeo. The objective is to stay off the ground for as long as possible and run away after falling off.
  • Big Euro Stranger Rodeo: The same as "Big Stranger Rodeo", played on victims of various European nationalities.
  • Make Them Move: Neg stands or sits near locals and acts extremely strangely and madly; the goal is to make people move away as soon as possible without touching them.
  • Neg's Burger Bowl Off: Neg buys several items from fast food restaurants and throws them at unsuspecting people from the roof of a car while being driven around. The more the food cost, the more points Neg obtains for a hit. This was the one Urban Sport where Neg took the Balls of Steel trophy. There was controversy as to whether his actions could be considered as assault, London Metro newspapers said that "Neg's Burger Bowl Off" was a real blow to get the "Balls Of Steel" Trophy for him and the gang on National Television.[5]
  • Neg's Urban Skittles: Neg walks into a local building and screams at everyone to hit the floor whilst mimicking a gun/any other weapon under his shirt. For every person that hits the floor, a point is scored.
  • Knock and Don't Run: Neg knocks on a stranger's door and tries to keep them standing there for as long as possible. If the person closes the door, Neg knocks again and the timer continues if they re-open it. On some occasions, Neg acts as if the door belongs to him and pretends to be angry, claiming that it the person in the house is the one continually knocking on 'his' door.[6]
  • Neg's Keep 'Em Out: Similar to Make 'em Move, the object is to deny someone access to an area entered via sliding doors, by acting "mental". The more quickly he gets them to leave the area, the better; if people get through, Neg fails. On the Balls of Steel studio, Neg tells host Mark Dolan that the movie "Sliding Doors" inspired this Urban Sport.
  • Neg's My Ball: Neg finds some people playing a ball sport, be it rugby, football or basketball. He then steals the ball and manoeuvres it in the style of the sport; the longer he can keep it, the better his score. But if Neg gets "clattered", he fails and the score is void.[7]
  • Neg's Red Carpet Run: Neg 'gate crashes' a red carpet event and tries to evade security for as long as possible. Neg was actually arrested during this shoot when he crashed Will Smith's "I Am Legend" movie premier at Leicester Square and yelling "I Am Negend".
  • Urban Stag Hunting: Similar to "Neg's Burger Bowl Off", Neg would instead of throwing burgers at one person throw them at a group of men on a stag night.
  • Neg's Speed Smoking: Neg aims to take as many drags from a cigarette as possible in public places, where smoking is now illegal, before he is kicked out. Inspired by the changes to UK laws.
  • Neg's Swear Bingo: Neg knocks on people's doors and tries to make them say swear words that are written on a 2×3 "swear bingo" card. When the person leaves, points are scored if a horizontal line of three swear words or a bingo if all six swear words have been scored. But if no swear words are scored following the former criteria, Neg fails.

Balls of Steel Australia[edit]

  • Neg's Seagulling: Neg buys lots of chips, and goes to a place with lots of seagulls. He then throws chips at people and the more seagulls rush at the victims, the better his score.
  • Neg's Shark Attack: Neg goes to a beach and warns swimmers and surfers of an incoming shark; for every person he scares to shore, he gets a point.
  • Neg's BBQ Bowl Off: Similar to Neg's Burger Bowl Off, Neg searches for people having barbecues and throws raw meat at his victims from the roof of his car, the heavier the meat, the more points he obtains for a hit.
  • Neg's Urban Bouncing[8] and Neg's Urban Bouncing 2: Neg stops people from getting to their destination. He can't touch them, but the longer he stops them for, the bigger his score.
  • Neg's Builder Bakery Buffet Bowl Off: Similar to both Neg's BBQ Bowl Off and Neg's Burger Bowl Off, Neg throws meat pies from the roof of his car at builders on their smoke breaks. The more his pies cost, the more he gets for a hit.
  • Neg's Make 'em Move Australia: The Australian version of Neg's Make 'em Move, Neg stands or sits near locals and acts extremely strangely and madly; the shorter the time taken to make the people move out, the better the score.
  • Neg's My Go: Somewhat similar to Neg's My Ball, Neg finds people playing a game, then steals their turn. The longer the turn lasts, the better the score, but if Neg gets walloped, it's all over.
  • Neg's Cone Head: Neg sells Ice Cream in an Ice cream van. Instead of giving the Ice Cream to the customer he puts them on their heads. The more cones he places on his customers' heads, the better his score.
  • Neg's Fire Alarm: Neg goes to crowded public places and screams "fire". The more people leave the area, the more points he gets.

As of 2014, Neg had received over 125 million YouTube views for his Urban Sports alone and is filming new pranks for his 'World of Neg' YouTube channel. There is also a live Urban Sports show which Neg takes around the country.


Year Show
2004 Experimental (Radar TV)
2005 Mike Bassett: Manager
2005 Bleak House (2005 TV serial)
2005 Footballers' Wives
2005 The Greatest TV Wind-Up Moments
2005 Balls of Steel (Series 1)
2005–2006 EastEnders
2005–2006 The Bill
2006 Totally Frank
2006 Footballers' Wives: Extra Time
2006 Snuff Box
2006 Hotel Babylon
2007 Balls of Steel (Series 2)
2007 Roman's Empire
2007 Holby Blue
2007 Queen
2008 Love Soup
2008 Balls of Steel (Series 3)
2008 Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
2008 Queeen[9]
2008 The Wall
2009 20 to 1 Pranks and Pranksters (Aus) (Urban Sports featured)
2010 - 2011 The Neg Project USA
2011 - 2012 Balls of Steel (Australia)

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