Negar Khan

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Negar Khan
Negar Khan.jpg
Khan in 2004
Born 1984 (age 33–34)[1]
Tabriz, Iran
Other names Nigar Khan
Occupation Actress, model
Spouse(s) Sahil Khan (2004-2005)

Negar Khan (also credited as Nigar Khan) is an Iranian-born Norwegian actress. She is best known for her Bollywood Item Songs and film work.

Personal life[edit]

Khan is fluent in the Persian, Turkish, Norwegian, English and Urdu.[citation needed] Khan has a bachelor's degree in Marketing & Advertising and two master's degree in International Business and Film & Television.[2] Khan got married to Sahil Khan on September 21, 2004.[3] Their marriage came to an end when they divorced in July 2005.[4] In 2009, Negar had a new romance with someone from India while keeping a low profile.[5]


Khan gained fame when she appeared in the music video of remix of classic Indian Hindi movie song "Chadti Jawani Meri Chaal Mastani".[6] Khan was a contestant of the Norwegian version of the Paradise Hotel reality show, where she was accused of having multiple plastic surgeries. She claimed that she hasn't had any surgery.[7]



Year Title Role Language Co-stars Notes
2004 Rudraksh (film) Khan took pole dancing classes in London[2]
2004 Shaadi Ka Laddoo Sheina
2004 Ab Bas! Special appearance
2005 Double Cross" Ek Dhoka
2005 Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story
2006 Hello? Kaun Hai/Jaanleva
2006 Vita Smeralda Italian
2009 Shortcut [8]


Year Title Role Channel Co-stars Notes
2009 Paradise Hotel Self Contestant
2009 I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Self Contestant
2009 Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao Self Contestant[9]

Music and Music Videos[edit]

Year Album Song Singer
2002 Aur Ek Haseena Thi Chadti Jawani Remix DJ Aqeel, DJ Doll
2003 Deadly Dance Mix Rama Rama Gazab Hui Gava Re Remix DJ Jawahar
2004 DJ Hot Remix Vol.2 & The Return Of The Kaanta Mix Chadti Jawani Remix DJ Aqeel, DJ Doll
2004 DJ Hot Remix Vol.3 Aap Jaisa Koi Remix DJ Hot
2004 DJ Hot Remix Vol.3 Chhod Do Aanchal Zamaanaa Kyaa Kahegaa Remix DJ Hot
2004 Sweet Honey Mix Sundar Pari Hoon Main Motiyon Kii Ladi Hoon Main Remix DJ Hot
2004 War Of DJ's Vol 2 Jalta Hai Jiiya Meraa Bheegi Bhaagi Raaton Mein Remix DJ Hot
2004 Maal Bhari Aahe - DJ Hot Remix Nako Uga Tu Maru Boba DJ Hot
2005 Kajra Nite Remix Apni Toh Jaisay Taisay Remix DJ Hot


Khan allegedly posed topless for a Norwegian men's magazine VI Menn in 2004.[10] She, however, denied and said that the pictures had been graphically manipulated.[2]

She was deported from India to Norway in February 2005 for allegedly providing false documents to procure her work visa.[11] Negar was deported as she was working while on tourist visa. However, Negar and Sahil claimed that she had married Sahil, and hence was eligible to become an Indian national.[12]


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