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Distinguish from Nigaar Khan (born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra, India).
Negar Khan
Negar Khan.jpg
Khan in 2004
Born 1984[1]
Tabriz, Iran
Other names Nigar Khan
Occupation Actress, model
Spouse(s) Sahil Khan (2004-2005)

Negar Khan (also credited as Nigar Khan) is an Iranian born, Norwegian actress. She is best known for her Bollywood Item Songs and film work.

Personal life[edit]

Khan is fluent in the Persian, Turkish, Norwegian, English and Urdu.[citation needed] Khan has a bachelor's degree in Marketing & Advertising and two master's degree in International Business and Film & Television.[2] Khan got married to Sahil Khan on September 21, 2004.[3] Their marriage came to an end when they divorced in July 2005.[4] In 2009, Negar had a new romance with someone from India while keeping a low profile.[5]


Khan gained fame when she appeared in the music video of remix of classic Indian Hindi movie song "Chadti Jawani Meri Chaal Mastani".[6] Khan was a contestant of the Norwegian version of the Paradise Hotel reality show, where she was accused of having multiple plastic surgeries. She claimed that she hasn't had any surgery.[7]



Year Title Role Language Co-stars Notes
2004 Rudraksh (film) Khan took pole dancing classes in London[2]
2004 Shaadi Ka Laddoo Sheina
2004 Ab Bas! Special appearance
2005 Double Cross" Ek Dhoka
2005 Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story
2006 Hello? Kaun Hai/Jaanleva
2006 Vita Smeralda Italian
2009 Shortcut [8]


Year Title Role Channel Co-stars Notes
2009 Paradise Hotel Self Contestant
2009 I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Self Contestant
2009 Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao Self Contestant[9]


Khan allegedly posed topless for a Norwegian men's magazine VI Menn in 2004.[10] She, however, denied and said that the pictures had been graphically manipulated.[2]

She was deported from India to Norway in February 2005 for allegedly providing false documents to procure her work visa.[11] Negar was deported as she was working while on tourist visa. However, Negar and Sahil claimed that she had married Sahil, and hence was eligible to become an Indian national.[12]


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