Negatron (album)

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Voivod - Negatron.jpg
Studio album by Voivod
Released November 21, 1995
Genre Groove metal, industrial metal,[1] thrash metal
Length 51:39
Label Mausoleum
Producer Daryn Barry, Alfio Annibalini & Voivod
Voivod chronology
The Outer Limits
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[2]

Negatron is the ninth studio album by Canadian heavy metal band Voivod, released on November 21, 1995 by Mausoleum Records. It is also the first studio album not to feature original singer Denis "Snake" Bélanger, who temporarily left the band in 1994, with Eric Forrest assuming vocal duties for the recording.

The album also features J. G. Thirlwell as guest vocalist on the final track.

Album information[edit]

The album is considered a departure from Voivod's previous progressive and thrash metal style, with the band adopting a new industrial-oriented groove metal sound.[1]

The CD release is notable for including multimedia tracks in CD-ROM format, which was a novelty back then.

Track listing[edit]

All music by Voivod. All lyrics by Langevin/Forrest except where indicated.
  1. "Insect" - 5:41
  2. "Project X" - 4:49
  3. "Nanoman" (lyrics: Langevin/Ivan Doroschuck) - 5:11
  4. "Reality?" - 4:21
  5. "Negatron" (lyrics: Langevin/Kiisti Matsuo) - 7:08
  6. "Planet Hell" - 4:34
  7. "Meteor" - 4:14
  8. "Cosmic Conspiracy" - 6:10
  9. "Bio-TV" - 4:55
  10. "D.N.A. (Don't No Anything)" (lyrics: Jim G. Thirlwell) - 4:36

There was also a limited edition available (750 copies) with the same track listing. This limited edition came in a tin box with a Negatron sticker.


Additional personnel[edit]

  • J. G. Thirlwell - vocals & FX on D.N.A. (Don't No Anything)
  • Daryn Barry, Alfio Annibalini & Voivod - producing