Negotiations (Free Agents album)

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Negotiations (album).jpg
Studio album by Free Agents
Released September 10, 2002
Genre West Coast hip hop, rap
Length 48:45
Label 40 Ounce
Producer Johnny Z, Big Ice, Stevie Dee, DJ Mark 7, Oral Bee
Jay Tee chronology
Latino Velvet:
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Unreleased Game 1993: The Lost Album
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Free Agents is a loosely knit group of "rap comrades" who came together to make a statement about independence and ownership in a turbulent time in the music industry. The group consists of Jay Tee, B-12 & Young Dru and their first album Negotiations was released in 2002. The album was advertised as having "No Features, No Fillers."[1] This can be seen as a departure of the norm by avoiding an album cluttered with guest appearances and over-priced producers.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "What You Been Lookin' For"
  2. "Streets Got No Heart" (featuring Miami)
  3. "Knock A Hoe"
  4. "The Phone Call" (Jaime Trago n His Hutch)
  5. "All Thru Yo' Town" (featuring Miami)
  6. "Can't Fuck With Us"
  7. "Do You Know" (featuring Andre Rivers)
  8. "Problem Solver" (B-12)
  9. "I Been Hustlin'" (featuring Weet Dog)
  10. "Custom Tint" (Young Dru)
  11. "Weight On My Shoulders" (featuring Weet Dog)
  12. "If A Bitch Is Broke" (featuring Miami)


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