Negreni, Cluj

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The orthodox church
The orthodox church
Location of Comuna Negreni
Location of Comuna Negreni
Coordinates: 46°57′35″N 22°44′55″E / 46.95972°N 22.74861°E / 46.95972; 22.74861Coordinates: 46°57′35″N 22°44′55″E / 46.95972°N 22.74861°E / 46.95972; 22.74861
Country Romania
County Cluj County
Component villages Bucea, Negreni, Prelucele
Population (2002)
 • Total 2,706

Negreni (German: Neumarkt; Hungarian: Körösfeketetó) is a commune in Cluj County, Romania. It is composed of three villages: Bucea (Királyhágó), Negreni and Prelucele (Prelak). These were part of Ciucea Commune from 1968 to 2002, when they were split off.


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