Negros Museum

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Negros Museum
Museo sang Negros (Hiligaynon)
Negros Museum logo.png
Negros Museum.jpg
EstablishedMarch 16, 1996 (1996-03-16)
LocationProvincial Capitol
Provincial Agriculture Building
Coordinates10°40′36″N 122°57′03″E / 10.676760°N 122.950880°E / 10.676760; 122.950880Coordinates: 10°40′36″N 122°57′03″E / 10.676760°N 122.950880°E / 10.676760; 122.950880
TypeLocal museum
OwnerNegros Cultural Foundation
Building details
Alternative namesProvincial Agriculture Building
(building occupied by the museum)
General information
Architectural styleNeoclassical, Art Deco
AddressGatuslao St., Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol Complex
Town or cityBacolod
Current tenantsNegros Cultural Foundation
(museum management; since 2003)
Construction started1925
OwnerProvincial Government of Negros Occidental (building)
Design and construction
ArchitectJuan Arellano
Architecture firmBureau of Public Works

Negros Museum is a privately owned provincial museum situated in the Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol Complex in Bacolod City, Philippines. The structure was built in 1925 as the Provincial Agriculture Building.[1]


Opened in March 16, 1996,[2] the museum is formerly housed in the Provincial Capitol, which was reverted for government use 2003. Since then, the exhibits have been transferred to the former Provincial Agriculture Building. As a courtesy payment, Negros Cultural Foundation, the management running the Negros Museum, currently pays the Provincial Government a rent of ₱1 only, for minimum compliance under law.


The museum is the first in its kind to not house precious archaeological artifacts, but rather was designed to display Negrense lifestyle and society, which includes old furnishings and loaned items from ancestral houses.[3] It also includes art exhibits and expositions from different local artists and foreign artists resident in Negros Island Region.[4][5] Art training and seminars are also conducted inside the museum.[6]

Museum cafe[edit]

Negros Museum Cafe serves the needs of museum goers and walk-in guests, situated in the West Annex of the museum. It includes a separate entrance, which includes an open-air and an in-house station occasionally used for small theater plays and art exhibitions. The cafe and the resident chef, Guido Nijssen, serves as the official caterer of the Office of the Governor and the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental for official dignitary functions.[7]


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