Negros Occidental National Science High School

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Negros Occidental National Science High School
Estrella Road, Barangay XIV
Western Visayas
Victorias, Negros Occidental
Type Public Science
Motto Soar High, Sci High!
Established 1997
Principal Michael Divinagracia, MD.
Grades 7 to 12
Number of students 250+ (as of 2015-2016)
Campus Victorias, Negros Occidental
Nickname NONSHS, NONSci
Newspaper The Scholar, Ang Iskolar
Affiliation Republic of the Philippines, Department of Education, Division of Negros Occidental

The Negros Occidental National Science High School or NONSHS is a public science high school on Estrella Road, Brgy. XIV, Victorias City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. It is a Department of Education-recognized National Science high school.

Its old name, Negros Occidental Science High School, was changed after fulfilling the qualifications and standards of a National-level secondary school. It was announced on June 2010, official resuming date of classes. Major changes were applied to the school.


The Negros Occidental National Science High School (NONSHS), formerly known as Negros Occidental Science High School (NOSHS), started its active curriculum in 1997. Elementary graduates from all over Negros Occidental did not take the entrance exam because of the hard curriculum offered by the school.

Year of Office School Head
1997–1999 Ma. Gemma M. Ledesma
1999–2004 Thelma G. Laguna
2004–2005 Rey T. De Guzman†
2005–2008 Oscar A. Blanco
2008–2010 Michell L. Acoyong
2010–2016 Maritess B. Rivera
2016-Present Michael G. Divinagracia


Subject Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10
Science General Science Biology Applied Chemistry Advanced Physics
Mathematics Elementary Algebra Intermediate Algebra Pre-Calculus Advanced Calculus
English English 7 English 8 English 9 English 10
Filipino Gramatika at Panitikan 7 Gramatika at Panitikan 8 Gramatika at Panitikan 9 Gramatika at Panitikan 10
Social Studies Philippine History and Government Asian History World History Economics
MAPEH Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health
Technology and Home Economics/Livelihood Education Basic Drafting
Others Environmental Science

Research I-A

Basic Statistics

Creative Writing

Research I-B

Advanced Technical Writing



Research II-A

Basic Physics

Advanced Biology


Advanced Statistics

Analytic Geometry

Research II-B,

Advanced Chemistry


Analytic Geometry

Clubs and organizations[edit]

Supreme Student Government[edit]

The Supreme Student Government (SSG) is the highest school organization that implements the rules and regulations of the school and facilitates activities on the school premises. The SSG Office follows the Department of Education memorandum and is allowed to implement memorandums of its own. The Executive Committee is determined through a school-wide election held before the end of the previous academic year. Other committees and its members are decided by the current executives.

The SSG president is Ricci G. Fernandez with the organization adviser Ken Ledesma.

Beryllus Princeps Science Club[edit]

In line with the National Science Club under the Presidential Proclamation No. 264, NONSHS started its own science club: Beryllus Princeps Science Club (BPSC). This club hosts the annual Beryllus Princeps Science Month with varying dates from October to February. Its officers are chosen by the adviser and members are permitted to join through applications and interviews.

The current BPSC president is Paulyn Jade Reliquias with the club adviser, Madonna Decena.

Societas Linguae et Theatri[edit]

The Societas Linguae et Theatri (SLT), formerly known as Codex Guild, is the English club of the Negros Occidental National Science High School. Similar to other academic organizations, its officers are chosen by other non-electoral means. The organization aims to help and improve the skills of the students leadership and teamwork. It also aims to improve the students knowledge towards English and Literature.

The current SLT president is Thea Marie Amor Dequito with the club adviser, Ms. Kaye B. Aquino

The Scholar[edit]

The Scholar is the official English publication of NONSHS. The editor-in-chief is Shekinah Ducay and the publication adviser is Kaye Aquino .[1]

Mathematics Club (Scitamehtam)[edit]

The Mathematics Club is one of the academic organizations, promoting effective and efficient learning on mathematics. The club hosts mathematics competitions for the freshmen students and provides voluntary review lessons. The club engages the students in other activities to have a comprehensive learning in mathematics. The club does not have an official celebration as of now.

The Math Club president is Miles Audrey Marilla with the club advisers, Bernard Belleza and Ruth Fontanilla.

Gintong Hiyas Club[edit]

The Gintong Hiyas Club, formerly known as the Filipiñana Club, is the Filipino club high school. The club aims to promote nationalism and patriotism to the school, with the versing of the Filipino language. The club holds the Buwan ng Wika, for the student body to engage in activities with a nationalistic view.

The Gintong Hiyas president is Julianrus Batayola with the club adviser, Gretchen Jardinico.

Ang Iskolar[edit]

Ang Iskolar is the official Filipino publication of Gintong Hiyas. The current editor-in-chief is Jan Daniel Dioso with the adviser, Josanlo Caldera.

Youth for Environment in Schools Organization[edit]

The Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O) is a civic organization of the Negros Occidental National Science High School that promotes environmental awareness and protection, disaster management and reaction, and the view of our environment and global status. Its executive committee was similar to the Beryllus Princeps Science Club but was changed in 2008. This rule was later changed (due to the change to National-level) to have the committee undergo an electoral process.

The club participates in advocacy for the environment, such as the National YES-O Camp and tree planting and cleanup drives. The club is active in solid waste management and segregation in school and has an absolute committee in the Supreme Student Government office. The club hosts the annual Environment Week celebration.

The current YES-O president is Alfredo N. Limos III with the club adviser, April Jean Caballero.

Sports Club[edit]

The Sports Club is one of the civic organizations of the Negros Occidental National Science High School, promoting physical fitness and sports engagement. The club hosts the annual Intramural games for the students. The current Sports Club president is Keilah Mulavin with the Club Adviser, Mary Grace Roa[who?]

Youth Against Drugs[edit]

The Youth Against Drugs (YAD) is a civic organization of NONSHS that promotes awareness of problems in society brought on by the influence of drugs and incorrect habits and other vices.

The current YAD president is John Peter "Padre Damasu" Urbanuzo with the current Club Adviser, Ken L. Ledesma.


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