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Nehir Erdoğan (born June 16, 1980 in İzmir) is a Turkish actress.


In 2005 she became famous in both Turkey and Greece for starring in the TV mini series Yabancı Damat ('Foreign Groom'), concerning the problems (and especially the prejudices) encountered in an intercultural marriage between a Greek man (played by Özgür Çevik) and a Turkish girl.

She also starred in various Turkish movies, including Okul and Hababam Sınıfı Merhaba, and the mini- series Koçum Benim and Estağfurullah Yokuşu.

Her latest movie, Broken Angel (Meleğin Sırları), premiered in Istanbul and Izmir, and is currently in theatres throughout Turkey distributed by Warner Bros.

Married in Ahmet Sesigurgil in 2014 and mother of Aylin.



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