No to the EU (Norway)

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No to the EU
Norwegian: Nei til EU
Formation 1990
Type NGO
Headquarters Storgata 32, 0184 Oslo, Norway
23,000 (2015)
Kathrine Kleveland
Subsidiaries Ungdom mot EU (youth wing)
Studenter mot EU (student wing)

Nei til EU (English: No to the EU) is a Norwegian interest group opposing a future Norwegian accession to the European Union (EU). It began informally in 1988 and became a full organization in 1990.[1]

The organization No to the EU is a non-governmental organization. Simultaneously the organization functions as an arena, a resource centre and as a coordinator for all organizations and political parties opposing Norwegian EU-membership. No to the EU is also an information centre for the public, with organized discussions and debates.

Norway has since 1994 been associated with the EU inner market through the agreement on European Economic Area (EEA). No to the EU wants a more limited and bilateral relationship with the EU, and is working to promote alternatives to the current EEA agreement.

The people's movement[edit]

The basis of the Norwegian society is democracy. Norway has come to learn how self-governance is the wise foundation of our decentralized, elongated and scarcely populated country. As a sovereign nation, Norway can cooperate and trade with other nations.

The Norwegian population has twice voted no to membership of the European Union. Referendums were held both in 1972 and in 1994. No to the EU strives to ensure a truly influential democracy, where important decisions are made with an effective democratic control.

No to the EU aims at being a widespread and diverse people’s movement. No to the EU has its own youth organization (Ungdom mot EU) and student organization (Studenter mot EU).

Policy of No to the EU[edit]

  • No to the EU wants to ensure democracy and Norwegian sovereignty.
  • No to the EU wants to ensure a continued Norwegian independence in international politics.
  • No to the EU strives for fairness and equality in international trade and cooperation, and urges Norway to play an active role on the global arena in obtaining and ensuring such qualities.
  • No to the EU strives for Norwegian natural resources to be administrated by Norwegian authorities and institutions.
  • No to the EU promotes a broad international cooperation, not restricted by the borders of Europe.
  • No to the EU is engaged in women politics and information tasks promoting gender equality.


  • President and spokesperson: Kathrine Kleveland
  • Secretary General: Hilde Loftesnes Nylén
  • Vice President: Gina Barstad
  • Vice President: Shoaib Sultan


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