Neighborhoods in Tampa, Florida

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The city of Tampa, Florida is officially divided into six geographical regions: New Tampa, West Tampa, Brooklyn Village, Downtown Tampa, Ybor City, and Channel District each coinciding with a respective Tampa City Council district.[1] The neighborhoods are managed by Neighborhood and Community Relations, a department under Neighborhood Services, a city department which serves as a resource for residents and businesses.[2]

The following are a list of major neighborhoods in the city of Tampa, Florida, United States, organized by broad geographical location within the city.[3]

Neighborhoods and districts[edit]

There are six historic districts[4] and around 84 officially named neighborhoods of Tampa[5] along with other subdistricts not reported separately by the city.

Historic districts[edit]

Residential neighborhoods[edit]

Central business districts[edit]

Other divisions and designations[edit]

There have been a number of divisions of Tampa, some of which are still used in common local conversation, but which do not correspond with Neighborhood and Community Relations designations.

Industrial areas[edit]

Other areas[edit]


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