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Map of the City of Miami.
Map of Miami neighborhoods
Neighborhood Enhancement Team map of the neighborhoods of the City of Miami.

This is a list of neighborhoods in Miami in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. Many of the city's neighborhoods have been renamed, redefined and changed since the city's founding in 1896. As such, the exact extents of some neighborhoods can differ from person to person. The following is the list of all the city's major neighborhoods, including any corresponding sub-neighborhoods within them.

Coconut Grove is an example of a neighborhood whose size and name has stayed relatively the same since its settlement in 1825. Having been settled originally as "Cocoanut Grove", its character has stayed almost intact from its early days.[1] In contrast, other neighborhoods have undergone many name and size changes. Buena Vista was once a much larger neighborhood in the 1920s, than it is today. Buena Vista once consumed all of the Miami Design District as well as a large part of Little Haiti, Wynwood and Edgewater. Other neighborhoods, such as Arts & Entertainment District were previously branded as "Omni", after the Omni Mall that was located there in the 1980s and 1990s. Midtown emerged as a new neighborhood in the mid-2000s after developers created the large scale Midtown Miami development in an area traditionally known as Edgewater.

Neighborhoods in Miami[2]
Neighborhood Demonym Population
Sub-neighborhoods Coordinates
Allapattah 54,289 4,401 25.815,-80.224
Arts & Entertainment District 11,033 7,948 25.799,-80.190
Brickell Brickellite 31,759 14,541 West Brickell 25.758,-80.193
Buena Vista 9,058 3,540 Buena Vista East Historic District and Design District 25.813,-80.192
Coconut Grove Grovite 20,076 3,091 Center Grove, Northeast Coconut Grove, Southwest Coconut Grove, and the West Grove (Black Grove) 25.712,-80.257
Coral Way 35,062 4,496 Coral Gate, Golden Pines, Shenandoah, and Silver Bluff 25.750,-80.283
Design District 3,573 3,623 25.813,-80.193
Downtown Downtowner 71,000
(13,635 CBD only)
10,613 Brickell, Central Business District (CBD), Downtown Miami Historic District, Jewelry District, Lummus Park, Arts & Entertainment District, and Park West 25.774,-80.193
Edgewater 15,005 6,675 25.802,-80.190
Flagami 50,834 5,665 Alameda, Grapeland Heights, and Fairlawn 25.762,-80.316
Grapeland Heights 14,004 4,130 25.792,-80.258
Health District 2,705 2,148
Liberty City 19,725 3,733 25.832,-80.225
Little Haiti 29,760 3,840 Lemon City (aka Little River) 25.824,-80.191
Little Havana 76,163 8,423 Riverside and South River Drive Historic District 25.773,-80.215
Lummus Park 3,027 3,680 25.777,-80.201
Midtown Midtowner - - Edgewater and Wynwood 25.807,-80.193
Overtown Towner 6,736 3,405 Spring Garden 25.787,-80.201
Park West 4,655 3,635 25.785,-80.193
The Roads 7,327 4,899 25.756,-80.207
Upper Eastside Upper Eastsider 12,525 2,513 Bay Point Estates, Bayside District, Belle Meade, Ironside, Magnolia Park, MiMo Historic District, Morningside, Palm Grove, and Shorecrest 25.830,-80.183
Venetian Islands N/A N/A Biscayne Island and San Marco Island 25.791,-80.161
Virginia Key 14 - 25.736,-80.155
West Flagler 31,407 4,428 25.775,-80.243
Wynwood Wynwoodian 7,277 2,983 Wynwood Art District and Wynwood Fashion District 25.804,-80.199
Miami Miamian 399,457 4,687  

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