Neighbors (1920 film)

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Buster Keaton (left) and Joe Roberts in the movie Neighbors (1920).jpg
Buster Keaton and Joe Roberts in a still from Neighbors (1920)
Directed by Edward F. Cline
Buster Keaton
Produced by Joseph M. Schenck
Written by Edward F. Cline
Buster Keaton
Starring Buster Keaton
Virginia Fox
Joe Roberts
Joe Keaton
Edward F. Cline
Jack Duffy
Cinematography Elgin Lessley
Distributed by Metro Pictures
Release date
  • December 22, 1920 (1920-12-22)
Running time
18 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent films
English intertitles

Neighbors is a 1920 short comedy film co-written, co-directed by, and starring comedian Buster Keaton.


Buster Keaton and Virginia Fox play young lovers who live in tenements, the rear of which face each other, with backyards separated by a wooden fence and with their families constantly feuding over the lovers' relationship. Each morning Buster and Virginia exchange love letters through the holes in the fence much to the disdain of their families who insist they stay away from one another. Buster sneaks into Virginia's bedroom window as the parents are arguing but he is caught by Virginia's father who ties him to the washing lines and slowly sends him back over to his family's house. After much arguing and fighting the two families eventually go to court to settle their differences. Buster demands the right to marry Virginia and the judge insists that the two families not interfere in their plans.

On the day of the wedding the two families are naturally hostile to one another. After the wedding is delayed due to Buster's belt repeatedly breaking resulting in his pants continuously falling down, Virginia's father discovers that the ring Buster intends to give to Virginia is a cheap 10c ring purchased from Woolworths, he angrily calls off the wedding and drags Virginia home. Determined to rescue his love and with the help of his two groomsmen, Buster uses trapeze skills to snag Virginia and the two run off together, eventually finding themselves in the coal shed of a blacksmith who has been ordained as a minister who pronounces them husband and wife


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