Neighbourhood Councils of Guyana

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Neighbourhood councils of Guyana

The regions of Guyana are divided into 27 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils. The neighbourhood councils are listed below, by region:

Barima-Waini (Region 1)[edit]

  • I-1 Barima
  • I-2 Waini

Pomeroon-Supenaam (Region 2)[edit]

  • II-1 Moruka/Pomeroon
  • II-2 Somerset And Berks

Essequibo Islands-West Demerara (Region 3)[edit]

  • Essequibo Island/Lower Berbice Essequibo River
  • III-1 Essequibo Islands
  • III-2 Bonasika/Boerasirie
  • III-3 Lower West Demerara

Demerara-Mahaica (Region 4)[edit]

  • IV-1 Moblissa/La Reconnai
  • IV-2 Buxton/Mahaica

Mahaica-Berbice (Region 5)[edit]

  • V-1 Mahaica/Mahaicony
  • V-2 Mahaicony/Berbice

East Berbice-Corentyne (Region 6)[edit]

  • VI-1 East Berbice/West Canje
  • VI-2 East Canje/East Canje Berb
  • VI-3 Black Bush Polder
  • VI-4 Lower Corentyne Rive
  • VI-5 Left Bank Upper Canj
  • VI-6 Upper Canje/Corentyn
  • VI-7 Upper Corentyne

Cuyuni-Mazaruni (Region 7)[edit]

  • VII-1 Cuyuni
  • VII-2 Mazaruni/Lower Berbice Essequibo

Potaro-Siparuni (Region 8)[edit]

  • VIII-1 Ireng/Upper Potaro
  • VIII-2 Lower Potaro/Ladsm

Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo (Region 9)[edit]

  • IX-1 Rupununi West
  • IX-2 Rewa/Upper Essequibo

Upper Demerara-Berbice (Region 10)[edit]

  • X-1 Right Bank Essequibo
  • X-2 Torani/Bulletwood


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