Neighbourhood Watch (Ayckbourn play)

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Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourhood watch ayckbourn.jpg
Written byAlan Ayckbourn
Date premiered13 September 2011
Place premieredStephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
Original languageEnglish
SubjectTaking the law into own hands, authoritarian ideals
GenreBlack Comedy
Official site
Ayckbourn chronology
Life of Riley

Neighbourhood Watch is a 2011 play by Alan Ayckbourn. The play premiered on 13 September 2011 at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough.[1]


The play centers around a brother and sister who innocently set up a Neighbourhood Watch group following petty crime from a nearby estate,[2] only for the group to go out of control and become an authoritarian force controlling the lives of the people they are supposed to protect.[3]


Critics were generally favourable with Michael Billington from The Guardian calling it "highly ambitious" and "biliously funny"[2] while The Daily Telegraph and The Stage also gave it positive reviews.[4]

A performance starring Paul Lavers was held at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage in May 2018.[5]


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