Neighbourhoods in Kolkata Metropolitan Area

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Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, has many densely populated towns and districts on its outskirts.

Greater Kolkata consists of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and parts of the North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas districts and perhaps parts of Howrah and Hooghly districts.

But the Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA) also consists of some areas of Nadia district.

The major municipal areas which are a part of the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority or KMDA Kolkata conurbation are:[1][2]

Nadia district[edit]

North 24 Parganas district[edit]

South 24 Parganas district[edit]

Hoogly district[edit]

Howrah district[edit]

Kolkata district[edit]

Many towns in Greater Kolkata are being incorporated within the Kolkata postal area, with their postal PIN codes being changed so that these areas can be identified with the larger metropolitan area.


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