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Neihu District
Tiding Boulevard in Neihu
Tiding Boulevard in Neihu
CountryRepublic of China (Taiwan)
RegionEastern Taipei City
 • Total31.5787 km2 (12.1926 sq mi)
Area rankRanked 3rd of 12
 • Total287,726
 • RankRanked 3rd of 12
 • Density9,100/km2 (24,000/sq mi)
Postal code
Neihu District
Traditional Chinese內湖區

Neihu District is a district of Taipei City, Taiwan. Neihu means "inner lake." The older name originates from the Ketagalan word Tayour (transliterated by the Dutch as Cattajo), meaning woman's head ornament.

Many mountainous roads and paths, which are ideal for hiking, connect Neihu with the neighboring Shilin District and Yangmingshan National Park. The Tri-Service General Hospital, which is a teaching hospital of the National Defense Medical Center, is also in Neihu. The Wuchih Mountain Military Cemetery borders Neihu.


During Japanese rule, Naiko Village (內湖莊) covered modern day Neihu in addition to Nangang. The village was under Shichisei District, Taihoku Prefecture.


Taipei Neihu Technology Park

Although it is a flood-prone region, Neihu has experienced huge growth[when?] with the construction of the Neihu Technology Park and hypermarkets such as Costco, RT Mart, Carrefour, B&Q. The extension of the Taipei Metro to Neihu in the 1990s and early 2000s has also boosted residential and commercial growth. TransAsia Airways, Delta Electronics and RT-Mart have their headquarters in the district.[1][2][3] Neihu is the location of the Garena e-Sports Stadium, which is host to the League of Legends Masters Series, the premier League of Legends esports professional video game league in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.[4]


Straightening of the Keelung River, which runs along Neihu's southern and eastern borders has changed the natural boundaries of the district at several points in the latter 20th century.[5]



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Tourist attractions[edit]

Neihu's attractions include Dahu Park, famous for its picturesque footbridge, Bihu Park, where cherry blossoms can be viewed in the spring, and Bishan Temple (碧山巖), a large Taoist temple dedicated to Chen Yuanguang on the mountainside that affords a panoramic view of Taipei. In the vicinity of Bishan Temple are a number of other Taoist and Buddhist temples, as well as orchards and fruit farms where tourists can pick their own fruit. An extensive network of hiking trails criss-crosses the mountainous regions of the northern part of Neihu.

There are many popular restaurants in the Neihu area, including Journey Kaffe, a restaurant where patrons can make their own pizza, and Holly Brown Coffee, a cafe popular for its extravagant milkshakes.

Other tourist attractions are Guo Ziyi Memorial Hall.


The district is served by the Neihu Line of Taipei Metro (Wenhu or Brown Line). Stations located within the district are Donghu Station, Huzhou Station, Dahu Park Station, Neihu Station, Wende Station, Gangqian Station and Xihu Station.

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