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Neil Kevin Hennessy (born December 12, 1978) is a punk rock musician and music producer/engineer from Chicago, Illinois.

Hennessy currently plays in The Lawrence Arms,[1] Colossal,[2] The Falcon,[3] The Smoking Popes, The Treasure Fleet and Demon Beach. He has also been a member of Noise By Numbers, Baxter, The Killing Tree, Quattro and a couple shows with Teenage Bottlerocket. In late 2015, Hennessy took over rhythm guitar duties in fellow Chicago punk band Rise Against during their European tour. Frontman Tim McIlrath had broken his hand and was unable to play guitar, thus sticking to singing exclusively.

Hennessy works at Atlas Studios in Chicago with Matt Allison. He co-wrote the Rise Against song "Swing Life Away", and also did percussion on the Less Than Jake album, GNV FLA.

Hennessy usually uses a Slingerland (1970s) drum kit, Zildjian cymbals, and Remo heads.


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